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Branding is the cornerstone of successful marketing and sales, yet social media presents new challenges for branding. I have been practicing creative, out-of-the box branding and marketing for 20 years and for the last 5 have focused on influencer marketing and social media branding.

Follow along with me here on my blog to learn more, or contact me for either Influencer Services from Dear Mishu or 1:1 consulting to learn how to build your brand on social.
I built the Dear Mishu social media brand from 0 to 30k followers in under a year.

I built the Dear Mishu social media brand from 0 to 30k followers in under a year.

Recent posts on our branding your social media profile (aka BSMP) blog

Get great tips (hacks included) on branding YOUR Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/etc Bio (hint: it’s very visual!):

Get 1:1 social media and branding coaching!

  • Get answers to all YOUR questions, take notes, and get immediate feedback on your social media profile.
  • Understand how YOU can make a living.
  • Learn how to grow your following and build a community of followers. w
  • Once you build a strong community around your brand, your followers will continuously come back again and again to engage with you.
  • Access a free 1:1 review right away of YOUR current and future branding.
  • We’ll help you devise a strategy and coach you through its implementation.

Recent posts (and flash cards) on our influencer marketing blog

Read on to learn more about social media and influencer marketing. Everything in this blog is based on our every day experience with Influencer Marketing. Topics include ncluding hiring and working with influencers, managing influencer campaigns, and finding influencers.

This blog is a great place for influencers (or influencers in the making) to learn tips for monetizing their social media presence. Among the topics you’ll learn are how to grow your account and your brand. Likewise, influencers can learn how to speak to brands, how to show their value, and how to deliver content that helps the brands meet their goald.

Likewise, it is a place for brands to learn how to find, select, and understand influencers and learn how to work with them. For example, brands can learn how to get the most out of working with influencers. They can also learn to understand the KPIs they can use to justify their investment.

There are very few blogs or publications that can offer a perspective valuable to both the influencer and the brand. In fact, this may be the only place where this kind of comprehensive view can be found. Enjoy reading the articles below (and more), and then download our Influencer-Brand contract when you’re ready to get started.

I strongly recommend using a contract for any sponsorship to protect yourself and your business, such as my Brand-Influencer Contract

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