Branding Your #SocialMedia Profile Series #2: Your Extended Name

Branding Your #SocialMedia Profile Series #2: Your Extended Name

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Branding Your Social Media Profile (BSMP) is a new 1-on-1 program that helps brands bring their social media profile and presence to the next level.

This series of articles is an introduction to some of the techniques and experiments that have been proven to make this underutilized real estate work for you. 

Brands and others looking for customized analysis and guidance specific to their profile(s) can register for 1:1 coaching here.

When beginning to work on your social media accounts, an area for immediate improvement that you may like to consider is your name. Yes, that’s right – your name is everything and a proven technique to to use your name to highlight your brand identity is by…. expanding it! Expanding your name will help visitors who care about what you do to “get it.” Let me explain, and don’t worry, I will provide examples.

Our social media names are usually composed out of 1-3 words (eg Drip, Jane Doe, Marry Daniel Berg or Moving & Storage Bros.). The idea is to take those words and clarify things, spice-it up, and use it to highlight your differentiation from the rest of the 3 billion social media accounts:

Add Additional Words of Clarification

Add to your name 2-3 additional words that will clarify who YOU are.

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The words can reflect your attitude, a statement, what you do for a living, what you believe in, etc. For example:

Renna D - Social Fund Knight
🚴🏼‍♀️ riding for @marchisio_bici
Johan Lee - Content Creator
Anna OBrien, confidence queen

Add Hashtags

If you’re not sure how to express who you are in 2 words, take a hashtag that does exactly that, for example:

Dr. Ai #ClassroomWithoutWalls
Mr. Anny - #USA Forever
Mirrorsoft -  #DoGreatThings
Great story telling by @bekiweki through her social media profile name extension. In this example she tells her story via something she believes in (#BlackLivesMetter).
Great story telling by @bekiweki through her social media profile name extension. In this example she tells her story via something she believes in (#BlackLivesMetter).

PS/Do this only as long as it’s “YOU”**

Add Emojis or Special Characters

In 95% of cases I don’t see anything wrong in adding emojis as well as special characters** to your profile extension name. For example:

**Special characters such as “| ⁂⁑⁘, and © or TM” if a corporation, etc.

"Nonstop John Brothers🛸🦋"
"French illustrators based in London ☁️"
🐻 C▴O▴D▴Y▴ B▴E▴A▴R▴
"⋒ Elexus The Creators ⋒"
"Nicole Store | With Love, Nikki"
Francesca Saccu | 21 🤟🏼
• E M M A S L A T E R •

PS/Yes, you can align your extended name to the center of your profile — it’s cool…

PS/Do this only as long as it’s “YOU”*

Apply Unordinary Fonts

Recently Instagram, Twitter, etc. have added an option to reformat your profile text with almost any font type you wish, so why not take advantage of that and apply:

 🄵🄰🄽🅃🄰🅂🅃🄸🄲, IᑎTEᖇEᔕTIᑎG, ƒմղղվ, 𝒘̲̅𝒆̲̅𝒊̲̅𝒓̲̅𝒅̲̅ fonts*
• E M M A S L A T E R •

PS/Do this only as long as it’s “YOU”*

Add Stretched Words

I wrote about it this in length ( Stretchable’ words your social – test if they can lead to MORE #engagement). I’m referring to stretched words such as ‘heellllp,’ ‘Duuuuude,’ ‘youuuu,’ ‘heyyyyy,’ or ‘Hollywooood’ where we take an existing written word, and change it by duplicating some of its letters. Not only is it a powerful linguistic device, but those are fuuuuuuuun and usually are excellent for social media use because they generate emotions and dialog. For example:

"⋒ Johan Elexus - Hollywoood Contrarian ⋒"
"Dikon | Your Duuuuuuuudes Forever"

Fun, right??*

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PS/Do this only as long as it’s “YOU”*

The sky is the limit — this is the place to be original, as long as it’s “YOU”*.

What Do We Mean by YOU*

*YOU= Since its your name, it has to be…you. What I mean is that – yes, you can add attitude, special characters, emojis, a unique picture, wording, whatever, as long as it comes from you, and as long as it reflects your brand, who you are, and where you want to be. You should revisit this constantly, persistently, and methodically. If you need 1:1 personalized consulting on how to do this and what makes sense for your brand, you can sign up now.

BSMP: Your Extended Name
BSMP: Your Extended Name

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Private, personalized 1-on-1 consulting on YOUR social media profile strategy is available now.

Good luck (enjoy the process, my heroes)!

Sincerely yours,


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