Why does everyone want to be an influencer?

Why does everyone want to be an influencer?

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Everyone wants to be an influencer because they confuse influencers with the beautiful celebs who sail on beautiful yachts… It’s not the same thing though. Most SMI* are unknown to the public and yet they influence. The job requires so many working hours a day of content creation, photography, editing, re-editing, publishing, marketing and – yes – engaging all day long…


The daily work of an influencer involves first and foremost engagement. That means responding to followers’ comments, visiting followers’ profiles and engaging there, and making a true connection with their community. For every post an influencer makes, they need to do this work, which is time consuming.

In addition, there is the work on posts. Influencers spend hours planning posts, filming, editing, and composing captions. For influencers that make several posts a day or even week, this is a huge investment of time.

Finally, there is the business side of influencer marketing. Working with clients and potential clients, sending quotes, negotiating, and reaching out. This part of influencer marketing requires a lot of skill and persistence.

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SMI* = Social Media Influencers

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I am the creator of Dear Mishu, a dog character that gives underdog advice to humans on social media. I originally built the account to learn about influencers and how they work. Over time, the account grew and Dear Mishu became a real social media influencer with a community of followers who ask her for advice. I use this experience and my 20 years of marketing experience to help brands understand how to reach their goals through Influencer Marketing and Social media branding.