Teaching influencer marketing at NCIDEA, Durham, NC

Who’s teaching influencer marketing to NCIDEA entrepreneurs…??

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It’s me, it’s me…

These photos are from my talk at the NC IDEA Summer Series in Durham, North Carolina. It was fun, and interesting. The audience were mainly local startups – REAL founders, marketers, entrepreneurs … people who must succeed with what they do, or else…

The NC IDEA team was helpful and kind, and it was a real good opportunity to connect with people who really need influence on social media, and to help them by sharing my influence and marketing methods.

Here is the video of the whole lecture:

My influencer insight lecture at NC IDEA, Durham, NC

What is NC IDEA?

NCIDEA of Durham, NC  - where I tought influencer marketing

NC IDEA is a private foundation working to enhance North Carolina’s economy through entrepreneurship. Through series of grants and programs, NC IDEA has helped hundreds of growth-oriented companies validate, launch, and grow their businesses. In addition to supporting entrepreneurs directly, NC IDEA Summer Series provides weekly programming for the larger entrepreneurial community.

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