Why do Influencers insist on listing my website on their Bio..._

What kind of things do social influencers post?

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Influencers crazy about...

Social media influencers post anything that they are CRAZY about, that’s why they’re so original 🙂

That’s right, influence has to do with content, and the influencers figured that out!


  • sibylline_m's profile picture sibylline_m But what if the Sword chooses a Queen? ⚔️ Illustration for @Netflix's new show "@Cursed"
  • nicole | petite style & travel on Instagram: “Yes or no: Working from home is more fun from bed. 🛌 If you're WFH, what's your setup like? Office? Sofa? Bed? Kitchen counter? 👩🏼‍💻 [ad]…”
  • I don't know if these are 'authentic' or not, but they're adorable the way they're posing and I can't imagine the love they're showing isn't real.
  • Case Study: A great Facebook Micro-Influencer that bring customers to a potty training book
  • Alexa N - Great #macroinfluencer!
  • Great mom micro-influencer!
  • Social media influencers find original ways to engage their audiences - an example.
  • Social media influencers find original ways to engage their audiences - an example.
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What Influencers Bring to the Table: dialogue, attention, community building, category leading, positive bias, high level story-telling, etc.
What young Influencers Bring to the Table…


If It Can’t Be Transactional, Then What Am I Getting from Influencer Marketing at All?

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