What are the biggest mistakes made in influencer marketing?

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Oh people make sooo many mistakes with Influencer Marketing. Here are some of the big ones:

  1. “Outreach” to the Influencer instead of just hiring them (hiring means you treat them like a professional and don’t expect them to work for free…)  
  2. Treating Influencer Marketing as sales, instead of…marketing. If you expect it to convert to sales immediately, you’re on the wrong track.
  3. Not re-using the Influencer’s creatives in your marketing content Content received from influencers -Reuse, Remarket, Repurpose
  4. Hiring the Influencer for one time only — if they post about your brand 1/365 days it won’t have a lot of credibility  
  5. Thinking that number of followers is all that matters… (what matters is added value, commitment, & trust)  
  6. Influencer marketing should be about building a community, not a sales campaign  
  7. Closing a deal with the Influencer too fast (instead of laying low 2 weeks to be sure they are the right Influencer for your verticals)
  8. Hiring a $5 “Global Influencer”   DONT!! $5 for shout out ??? DM me for shout out.
  9. Not starting early (the smartest brands start even before they have a product)  
  10. Not allowing the Influencer freedom to create (which leads to them producing just another Ad…)

  • Bonus: Using the word “Authentic” with Influencers too much… (it doesn’t matter if they are what you consider authentic or not, as long as their followers are LISTENING to them)
  • Another bonus:

Engage your engagers…

Vet First..

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