Vet customers first. Never get in 🛏 with bad people.

Vet customers first. Never get in bed with bad people. #InfluencerMarketing
Vet first…

That’s right, if you’re a brand, choose your SMI* candidate carefully (e.g. evaluate their engagement in their post comments, their language, and make sure to answer questions such as of use whether they will they sign a clear contract with milestones, whether they will influence or just bring a large audience of uninterested people, etc. In short, vet them just like you’re supposed to do with any other partner.

If you’re an SMI, choose the brand you want to work with carefully (e.g. is their value aligned with yours, are they respectful to your community, do other SMI enjoy partnering with them, will they pay you on time, etc.).

*SMI = Social Media influencers. Source: Who is an influencer?


Which Influencers NOT to Hire, no Matter What (and The Power of ♥)
Which Influencers NOT to Hire, no Matter What (and The Power of ♥)

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