Turn Influencer Content into an Ad - Example

Turn Influencer Content into an Ad – Example

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Some of you have asked me what I mean when I say that brands should consider taking the content an SMI* creates for them and converting it into an ad.

*SMI = Social Media influencers. Source: Who is an influencer?

Here is a clear example: PetFriendlyCandles (the vendor) is recycling a post by Chutney on Instagram, an SMI, and turning it into an ad:

Turn Influencer content into ad - example
Turn Influencer content into ad – example

Because SMI spend hours a day, almost every day, with your community, they know what content to create and they know what content will ignite a fire (whether it is a certain color, certain lights, attitude, face expression, a sentence, a question, etc). They also know how to create dialog, generate awareness, draw attention, and how to stand out from 4 billion other social media accounts. Converting such a great content into an ad may make sense and will bring unexpected benefits.


  • sibylline_m's profile picture sibylline_m But what if the Sword chooses a Queen? ⚔️ Illustration for @Netflix's new show "@Cursed"
  • nicole | petite style & travel on Instagram: “Yes or no: Working from home is more fun from bed. 🛌 If you're WFH, what's your setup like? Office? Sofa? Bed? Kitchen counter? 👩🏼‍💻 [ad]…”
  • I don't know if these are 'authentic' or not, but they're adorable the way they're posing and I can't imagine the love they're showing isn't real.
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Your Turn: Learn How with 1:1 Coaching DearMishuDad.com/11
Your Turn: Learn How with 1:1 Coaching DearMishuDad.com/11

Why Are Influencers Great at Content?

Social Media Influencers (SMI) are known as great content creators. As people who spend hours and hours on social media, they learn what feels fresh, what are the new techniques, and how to stand out. They are also often creative people at heart, and practice with their photography techniques, writing, and even use of emojis. They are constantly testing to see what works and what doesn’t. They’ll test for time of day and day of week, they’ll test for length of caption, they’ll test posts with words and posts that are only photos, photos taken indoors an photos taken outdoors. Few hashtags or many hashtags (and which ones). Really, whatever is possible to test, SMI will do it. When you combine natural creativity, a laser focus on results, and hours of exposure to a site, influencers bring something special to a brand that is hard to duplicate in-house from a marketing team that engages with social media as only one part of their jobs.

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