Dean Verhoeven, President at Joeveo, Inc

I’ve known N.G. for over a year now through numerous social-media- and entrepreneur-oriented socials in the Raleigh area. He exudes positive energy and enthusiasm. I’ve also been fortunate to be mentored by him in my efforts to learn to market a consumer product. He knows his social media marketing stuff and is excellent at giving clear direction. It’s been a pleasure working with him, and I’m looking forward to benefiting from his experience in the future.

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N.G. Gordon is an acclaimed author, speaker, educator, and business consultant on social media and influencer marketing. His expertise in the field draws on his experience as a former tennis player, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and brand owner, and on his work as the creator of a popular influencer character DearMishu, Advice Column (based on his dog, Mishu). Contact N.G. to have him advise your company on your social media brand or speak at your conference soon, or to sign up for his Branded Social Media Profile program, a targeted, one-on-one advising program that helps brands improve their social media profiles.