Ally and the team

Dear Mishu was an absolute pleasure to work with! We’re always looking for exciting and unique pet influencers to collaborate with via social media and Dear Mishu’s advice column definitely hit the mark! A truly great experience – 14/10 would definitely recommend!

Arlet – MountainShiba

We recently engaged DearMishu’s influencer services for our business and were very impressed with the whole process. We launched our online business last year and were looking to promote our brand through one of our products, our hand beaded collars. Marketing our brand has taken a lot of hard work and perseverance, so when we decided it was time to hire an influencer we wanted to make sure that it was someone who would be trustworthy and ethical. DearMishu was the perfect choice for us because not only do they have an engaged following, but they know the pet industry extremely well. They listened to our needs and prepared a post that received many likes and comments. One thing to keep in mind when hiring an influencer is that a legitimate influencer will be upfront and will not make promises that can’t be delivered. We will continue to work with DearMishu and would recommend them 100%.

Laura Frieden, Chief Marketing Officer, vigtec

Partnering with DearMishu for an influencer campaign was a fur-abulous decision to help us get the word out about a new web and mobile investing app we recently launched. At first it might seem odd that we chose a dog to help us market a non-dog related app, but as someone who once ran a dog daycare, I knew that the connection humans have with their pups (and pups in general) is unlike any other. Social media already intensified this connection, but COVID took it to it to a new level with people spending more time at home with their furry family members than ever before. There are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people that forgo personal social media pages yet have pages dedicated solely to their pets that they use to communicate with other humans.

Working with Mishu’s team was as smooth as can be. They were very thorough and coordinated with us to ensure everything was planned to our satisfaction including the post graphics, captions and timing. Using Mishu as a “spokesdog” allowed post viewers to speak more comfortably about a topic that’s very intimating to a lot of people (investing). The comments and feedback we received were incredible and the post ended up being one of our most top-performing influencer partnerships to date in terms of engagement! Dog-related product or not, I’d definitely consider a partnership with DearMishu!

Emily Herndon, Marketing Director, C. T. WILSON CONSTRUCTION CO., INC.

NG provided very valuable insights to an Instagram page for the company I work for. His expertise was not something you could have garnered off of the internet – it was knowledge acquired from years of successful social media management. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him to improve our company’s social media marketing channels. Thank you, NG!

Dean Verhoeven, President at Joeveo, Inc

I’ve known N.G. for over a year now through numerous social-media- and entrepreneur-oriented socials in the Raleigh area. He exudes positive energy and enthusiasm. I’ve also been fortunate to be mentored by him in my efforts to learn to market a consumer product. He knows his social media marketing stuff and is excellent at giving clear direction. It’s been a pleasure working with him, and I’m looking forward to benefiting from his experience in the future.