How can I do to outreach pet bloggers?

First, you should note that pet bloggers are not SMI* (at least not all of them). But working with pet bloggers and pet SMI can be a great idea because animals are cute, non-political, and non-judgmental.

If you are looking for a pet blogger only, then do a Google search – something like: “greyhound pet blogger” and “dog blog” or “cat blog” …. and see which bloggers come up on top. Do the same research on AdWords.

But really the best method is to ask your customers which bloggers they like the most!

Then ask each blogger (via email) if they do sponsorship, what is their fee, and why.

If you are looking for pet SMI on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, then follow my tips for finding bloggers on those platforms.

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What Are All the Hats that Influencers Wear?

SMI (Social media influencer) wear many “hats.” Let’s have fun and compile a list of all the hats they wear. LMK if I forgot anything?

  1. Listener 🎩
  2. Communications specialist 🎩
  3. Visionary 🎩
  4. Digital strategist 🎩
  5. Digital consultant 🎩
  6. Screen writer 🎩
  7. Model 🎩
  8. Actor 🎩
  9. Dancer 🎩*
  10. Singer 🎩*
  11. Gaffer 🎩
  12. Set designer 🎩
  13. Makeup artist 🎩
  14. Sound designer 🎩
  15. Graphic designer 🎩
  16. Illustrator 🎩*
  17. Photographer 🎩
  18. Videographer 🎩
  19. Film director 🎩
  20. Film producer 🎩
  21. Editor 🎩
  22. Social media manager 🎩
  23. Community manager 🎩
  24. Coach 🎩
  25. Tech support 🎩
  26. Publisher 🎩
  27. Distributor 🎩
  28. Legal team 🎩
  29. Data analyst 🎩
  30. Union representative 🎩
  31. Marketer 🎩
  32. Salesman 🎩
  33. PR agent 🎩
  34. Influencer.
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Interviews with Dog Brands: How They Work with Influencers

During March 2020 I spoke with over a dozen representatives of brands that sell products for dogs, selected from those that registered for a booth at the recent Global Pet Expo show. My goal was to get a sense of how they feel about SMI (social media influencers). I learned some interesting things!

TL;DR. Instagram and Facebook, unpaid Ambassadors micro-Influencers, no KPIs, giveaway, contests and feedback giving wins.

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What is a fashion influencer?

Someone who is CRAZY about fashion, has at least 50 followers on social media, and has a great relationship with most of them.

That’s right, a fashion influencer does not need to be a huge celebrity* who poses in front of a professional camera guy every day, or at least not nessasarily. Most fashion influencers are influencing fashion in their own way, whever way they like, on social media, and they are heroes for  their communities.

*Can be a human, a pet or AI generated. 

Yellow Shoes Micro-Influencers
Yellow Shoes Micro-Influencers on Instagram…

Tagging is the Most Overlooked Metric to Measure Influencer Performance

Lately (luckily just before my lecture at NCIDEA), I realized that we’ve forgotten an important and (good news) very measurable metric (I think all will agree) to add to our metrics boxes, when evaluating influencer performance.

I’m talking about tagging, my heroes. Yes, tagging.

What the hell is tagging? Here is an example:

tagging as KPI
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Do you find Instagram influencers annoying?

Not the ones that speak to me. Once I find a those that create really interesting content, and I see that they are engaged with their followers, I’ll come back often to read what they write/speak about.

Related: Not all influencers are unethical, fake, or overpaid… Dear Mishu & friends tell it like it is.


If It Can’t Be Transactional, Then What Am I Getting from Influencer Marketing at All?

How many followers you need to be a influencer on Instagram?

50 – that’s it. BUT – you must have great, great relationship with them, to be truly influential. Good luck!

Types of social media Influencers
Types of social media Influencers: Nano, Micro, macro and Mega

Dog agencies (and the reporters that cover them) need to learn what a social media influencer really is.

I recently read an article in FastCompany called “Dog influencers are so popular, they need their own talent agency” and felt – OMG is this another ad for that famous celeb dog agency, or what? And indeed, it was.

You see, social media influencer marketing is a new frontier in marketing. It just at its beginnings. It’s very raw. So it is entirely excusable that people make some fundamental mistakes about it, especially related to understanding influence.

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Micro-Influencers = The NEW Guerrilla Marketing!

Working with Micro-Influencers has become another form of guerrilla marketing for small businesses that don’t have the marketing budgets of larger companies. It gives them a CHEAP shortcut to finding and connecting with their target customers.

That’s right, Micro-Influencers are the NEW Guerilla Marketers!

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy concept, invented by Dr. Jay Conrad Levinson, when he wrote the book Guerrilla Marketing in 1984. Here is the cover:

Guerilla Marketing (1984), by Jay Conrad Levinson

It’s all about finding creative ways to market your products effectively and at a low cost. It’s about doing more with less.

Leveraging the power of Micro-Influencers is the same thing. They are trusted, they speak DIRECTLY to your niche audience, their followers spends MINUTES, not seconds, listening to what they say, a couple of times a day (much better than ads, in so many ways).  Micro-Influencers are a naturally born “light” to bring word-of-mouth to what you do!  And not less important – they are very, very cost-effective, which is great.

To tap into this resource, make sure you have a clear influencer marketing strategy so you find the best fit, most relevant Microinfluencer for your brand. Not every Influencer can influence the exact audience and influencer marketing community you are targeting.