Turn your Pinterest success into Instagram brand deals

So you’ve found your Pinterest audience, you’ve built high quality Pinterest boards (such as my influencer boards 😊?), you’ve often added content to those awesome boards (rich pins too, whatever it takes), and as for regular pins – you’ve made sure they are very thoughtful, resonate with your audience, are visual, and vertical in a perfect way — just perfect for your audience. Your Pinterest audience grew, and they re-pinned, and they saved, some of them even commented, and you even got Google traffic.

And yet your business still makes no money 💁🏽!!.

Perhaps this is the time for you to look into adding Instagram to your business assets, and get some money from brand deals, so you can bring more bread from your side hustle? Many do that, many even make a living (and some even get very wealthy) from doing brand deals on Instagram.

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UPDATED: Your #InfluencerMarketing strategy is broken if you are looking for immediate conversion from influencer post to sales

Every day I see more and more business people who have a smart vision — they understand that a social media presence is essential for business to make it big. This is true – moving the needle for your business’ social media presence is important, and perhaps should be at the root of all your other marketing objectives.

KPI for Influencers: instant "moving the social media needle" NOT instant sales
An influencer’s most immediate KPI is whether you can acquire the influencer’s followers. That means moving the needle in terms of followers or engagement with your social media account, which is the new modern mailing list.

And by now, you likely also understand that to have an impact you have to hire the best fit SMI (social media influencers) for your brand. Perfect so far!

Next step — you sign the SMI to a contract that ties their compensation to sales of your product.

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When to use LinkedIn—and when not—for B2B influence

Influencer marketing may be mostly a business-to-consumer marketing channel. But influence trends blogger N.G. Gordon, aka Dear Mishu Dad, shares the results of recent research on B2B influencer marketing to lay out the opportunities on LinkedIn

Noam “N.G.” Gordon, aka social media influencer @DearMishuDad

Influencer marketing is a hot topic in the business-to-business (B2B) space and corporations are looking for the best way to jump onto that specific type of influencer marketing bandwagon. Although B2B influencer marketing is in its infancy, we can—for the first time—begin to analyze and see some interesting trends in the space. In this article we review the state of and potential for B2B influence on LinkedIn, the most popular social media platform for business.

What is B2B influence?

First, it’s important first to answer the question: what is a “B2B influencer” in relation to social media platforms such as LinkedIn? If influence can be defined as changing people’s opinions, a B2B influencer is someone who can change the opinions of the people who follow their content on a social media platform. What kind of opinion? Love for a brand, acceptance of a new technology protocol, solution or industrial standard, and yes, even opinions that lead to B2B sales.

A good influencer can cause a purchasing manager to see a brand or product in a new way!

B2B influencers are often KOL (Key-Opinion-Leaders) in their industry, and—in contrast to B2C influencers—write whitepapers and books, present on panels at industry conferences, and may be featured in corporate videos.


Source: my writing at https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/2020/08/11/when-to-use-linkedin-and-when-not-for-b2b-influence/

How to Land Brand Deals as a Social Media Influencer #InfluencerTips

Td;Tr: The key is to work on preparing your account every day to get brand deals, and when you DO get the deal, perform successfully.

Ask SMI (social media influencers) what’s at the top of their “dream-list” and they will all answer same thing: how to become a paid influencer and land brand deals on Instagram (and other social media platforms) & sponsorship.

What are those paid brands deals anyhow? You may have seen them on Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, with the label “paid partnership” or “Sponsored” or “Ads.” These are one of the principle ways SMI can make money. Here are some examples:

  • Paid partnership / brand deals - example
  • Brand deals are doable, and here are the steps to achieve that:
  • Paid partnership / brand deals - example
  • Paid partnership / brand deals - example
  • Gamer brand deal example
  • Paid partnership / brand deals - example
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Nobody likes to click Submit #EngagementTips

Let’s talk a bit about successfully getting people to click on the Submit button you your Register form.

A few days ago, I visited a media publication website. In the past, that website’s homepage did not engage me to ACT (click, join something, etc.) — I just moved on to the next thing in my day. Not this time, though! I’ve found out that what got me interested was the RIGHT way they called on me to register for their event.

“Submit” does nothing

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Social Media Engagement – 17 Ideas that Convert!

By now we know – social media algorithms change often and by doing so the platforms make us confused, baffled, and worried about our social media success.

However, there is something we can always double down on, and will never change – our Instagram/Tiktok/etc. posts will always be more likely to be shown on followers’ feeds (and in search) if they generate comments and engagement.

Bringing engagement is a science in and of itself though. By popular demand, I’m going to share some tried and true ideas and methods to bring social media engagement.

Test these. Tell me what you think.

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‘Stretchable’ words your social – test if they can lead to MORE #engagement

If you haven’t read “Hahahahaha, Duuuuude, Yeeessss!: A two-parameter characterization of stretchable words and the dynamics of mistypings and misspellings,” I highly recommend doing so – it’s amusing, it’s intellectual, it’s inspiring and energizing. We sure need more analysis like that!

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Interviews with Dog Brands: How They Work with Influencers

During March 2020 I spoke with over a dozen representatives of brands that sell products for dogs, selected from those that registered for a booth at the recent Global Pet Expo show. My goal was to get a sense of how they feel about SMI (social media influencers). I learned some interesting things!

TL;DR. Instagram and Facebook, unpaid Ambassadors micro-Influencers, no KPIs, giveaway, contests and feedback giving wins.

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2020 Grads Engagement

Talk about engagement!

I was taking my BFF Dear Mishu for a walk around Durham, NC, USA the other day and saw these signs… We’re under partial stay-at-home orders and schools are closed and students are stuck at home, scared, worried, and confused about what their normal has become.

This is especially – I know it is with my son anyway – the case with those high schoolers that are graduating this year. No prom, no graduation parties, and no ceremonies. No rite of passage to signify moving on to the next stage of life…. they’re in an endless transition period.

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Five Best-Practices for B2B Social Media Influencer Marketing – my article at marketingprofs.com

There is good news and bad news for companies looking to work with social media influencers for their business-to-business marketing strategy in 2020.

Let me start with the good news: B2B influencer marketing has become “a thing”; it is alive and well and available as a tactic to use as part of your marketing strategy.

The bad news: unlike B2C influencer marketing, it revolves around small and midsize influencers (also called nano- and micro-influencers) who are almost exclusively marketing-related professionals.

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