Emojis intruding on your website

I got this idea from none other than Wired magazine – look below. By adding emojis to a webpage, you bring a “social media essence” to the page.

It’s seamlessly integrated and is the perfect inspiration to encourage people to click through to your Instagram/Facebook/etc:

Emojis intruding on your website
Source: Wired blog

How many influencers should I hire?

Hire as many good influencers as you can. This way you can see who does best to help you reach your brand objectives and work with that one on other campaigns through the year. That will be gold, I’m sure. Good luck!

PS/Don’t forget to sign a good Brand-Influencer Agreement.

I’m being criticized for being an Influencer – how to respond? #InfluencerTips

I hear and see that a lot – journalists who want to bring more scandals to their readers write another “shocking” post about “another bad SMI” (social media influencer) who they “caught” doing something wrong. As a result, some may think that you are unethical, entitled, overpaid, disgusting, and what not. Undoubtedly SMI are viewed through a very narrow lens.

criticism on SMI
You are rich, spoiled, rotten…what else?
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Do you recommend that the Influencer include my website in her post or in the Bio?

In the bio if possible, because it’s clickable, while on post a link is static and hard to go from there to external place.

You may consider asking the Influencer to add your Instagram/Twitter/etc handle to the post, as well as tagging you, as this way their followers stay within the app but can follow you.

I’m a local business, should I use also non-local, national Influencers?

Probably not, if you are local, find a local hero that people listen to, that will serve the best. If you want to start targeting nationally, then yes.

PS/Don’t forget to sign a contract with that influencer…

Your Guide to How and Why to Add Followers for Social Media Influencers

Adding followers to your Instagram/Tiktok and other social platform accounts is a different process when done by SMIs (social media influencer) vs non SMIs. This guide focuses on why and how to add followers as an SMI.

The typical approach goes like this: you are feeling good about your social media activities. You may even feel like you’re about to become a superstar, or SMI. You need followers, so you go to your competitor’s followers list, or to a list of followers somewhere, and click click click, adding and adding — the more the better…

🛑 STOP RIGHT THERE. Before you get those 4.5 million followers, and show them your content, ideas, and energy, make sure that those are followers you can afford to have, otherwise it’s a waste, and your SMI account will get lost:

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Blogger, if you want to become a SMI (social media influencer)…

Blogger, if you want to become a SMI (social media influencer):
☑️ Prepare mentally (you won’t always get love…)
☑️ Plan a content strategy (what type of photos, writing, and attitude will you adopt)
☑️ Engage.💤 Make sure you’re ready to engage with followers
☑️ Be proud and request 💷 for your endorsement – you’re working hard!


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How do influencers become influential?

Good question!! To influence someone means to change their opinions. Once they can do that, they become influential!

That’s right, many brands set a goal of hiring an influential influencer, but what they get instead is audience because they focus on follower count only. We all know that having an audience is great, but if you don’t change their opinions then…that’s not influence. Some brands are fine with just gaining audience and not influence though!

Btw some brands hire influencers just for the original content they create and that’s more than ok too.