When do you recommend building my new startups’ social media presence?

Now! (Or rather, yesterday). Create a community on social media around what you WANT to do even before you do it. Build the community and make them your BFF… Take them on your journey with you and they will give you feedback on your product, website and logo, drawings/mockups, features, bugs, packaging design, what not. They’ll be invested, and a good group of early adopters.

Good luck, you can do it!! 

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How can I do to outreach pet bloggers?

First, you should note that pet bloggers are not SMI* (at least not all of them). But working with pet bloggers and pet SMI can be a great idea because animals are cute, non-political, and non-judgmental.

If you are looking for a pet blogger only, then do a Google search – something like: “greyhound pet blogger” and “dog blog” or “cat blog” …. and see which bloggers come up on top. Do the same research on AdWords.

But really the best method is to ask your customers which bloggers they like the most!

Then ask each blogger (via email) if they do sponsorship, what is their fee, and why.

If you are looking for pet SMI on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, then follow my tips for finding bloggers on those platforms.

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Is it ok to shame SMI (Social Media influencers)?

*SMI = Social Media influencers. Source: Who is an influencer?

Shaming for what? For making a living? For making a mistake? I’m against shaming.

What would YOU do if people you don’t even know, who aren’t even from your community, shamed YOU?

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Will the influencer write a good review for my brand/product?

Before contracting the Influencer, make sure the Influencer likes your product, otherwise they may write a bad or less than enthusiastic review. If they’re not sure, send them a sample so they can decide before closing the deal.

Tip: use a contract to clarify the relationship — see my template here:

Social Media Engagement – 23 Ideas that Convert!

By now we know – social media algorithms change often and by doing so the platforms make us confused, baffled, and worried about our social media success.

However, there is something we can always double down on, and will never change – our Instagram/Tiktok/etc. posts will always be more likely to be shown on followers’ feeds (and in search) if they generate comments and engagement. Now you might not have great engagement, and you might already be doing great and wondering “how can I maintain my high engagement?”– either way, read on — this article is for you!

Bringing engagement is a science in and of itself though. By popular demand, I’m going to share some tried and true ideas and methods to bring social media engagement.

Test these. Tell me what you think.

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What do you say in your first message to Influencers? Do you make an offer or wait to hear theirs?

Try something like “Hi, how much will you charge per post promoting my ___, and do you like my product enough to promote it from your heart too?”. Watch and analyze responses. As you can see, very straight forward approach is recommended and respected.