'stretchable' words your social #engagement ‘heellllp’, 'Duuuuude', 'Hollywooood', 'youuuu' or ‘heyyyyy’

‘Stretchable’ words your social – test if they can lead to MORE #engagement

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If you haven’t read “Hahahahaha, Duuuuude, Yeeessss!: A two-parameter characterization of stretchable words and the dynamics of mistypings and misspellings,” I highly recommend doing so – it’s amusing, it’s intellectual, it’s inspiring and energizing. We sure need more analysis like that!

The research article made me think: ‘stretching’ words could be a good idea for increasing your social media engagement, why not, after all it’s related to emotions, emotions bring a dialog, a dialog is … comments. Comments are engagement.

First, what are stretchable words (some call it lengthened words)? I’m talking about words like ‘heellllp’, ‘Duuuuude’, ‘Hollywooood’, ‘youuuu’  or ‘heyyyyy’, where we take an already existing written word, and change it by duplicating some of its letters (the amount of “stretchiness” in a word is depends on how many extra letters tend to be added to a stretchable word.). Not only is it a powerful linguistic device, but those are fuuuuuuuun and usually are excellent for social media use.

Here are some examples of how to “stretch” your social posts that came to my mind:

“Found a diamond tennis bracelet on the ground while running. Can’t wait to get back in the crib and test the stones and metal.”“Found a diamond tennis bracelet on the ground while runningggg. Can’t waiiiiiiit to get back in the crib and test the stones and metal, Duuuude”
“Our company released a new refrigerator”“Yeeessss! We’ve managed to come up with a smart refrigerator, after sevvvventeeen years of workkkkk!!!”
An ad: “Seriously. It’s never been this easy to create great marketing videos.”“Ummmmmmmh, seriously, it’s never been this easy to create great marketing viddddddeos.”
“I can’t believe he did it again!”“nooooooooooooo, he couldn’t!!”
Examples of implementing stretching words in your social media posts

It does catch the eyes, you see that, right? Why don’t you test if it changes your engagement and leads to more comments? Do A/B testing and LMK?

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Just remember, “Hahaha” and “hehehe” have completely different meanings…


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