How effective is influencer marketing?

How effective is influencer marketing?

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It’s not effective unless you find an Influencer who will make it effective for the strategy YOU have planned. Influencer marketing is very strategic!

That’s right, influencer marketing is so much about strategy. There is no one-size-fits-all in influencer marketing. Choose the influencers who are most suitable for the approach and strategy you have formulated.

For example, if you are looking more for content creation, content that you can reuse everywhere (not only on social media, but conferences and in TV ads too!), get an influencer that has proven to be a great original, content creator. The influencer should be able to show you some examples of brand reuse of the content they’ve created for that brand on OTHER places besides social media. If they can, that’s a good fit.

Content received from influencers -Reuse, Remarket, Repurpose
Content received from influencers -Reuse, Remarket, Repurpose

Or you may be looking for audience only (for that, it’s not always a must to have great content).

Or if you are looking for influence over audience, that’s a different story entirely (influence = change of behavior, and big audience of people that don’t care what you do is …will not…be influence). In this case, a micro-influencer, or several of them, who are closely connected to a community of followers, might be a better bet.

Choose accordingly.

#influencermarketing = trust #influencermarketing = original content #influencermarketing = unfair advantage All that's left is to... Find the right influencers!
#influencermarketing = trust #influencermarketing = original content #influencermarketing = unfair advantage All that’s left is to… Find the right influencers!

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