Did you say that small businesses are good for the US economy? I say Micro-Influencers are even better.

Did you say that small businesses are good for the US economy? I say Micro-Influencers are even better.

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As DearMishu’s Dad I’ve been in the Influencer business for several years now. I know all the tricks. Trust me, I know what is good and what is fake, I know what is wrong, I know what brands should do when working with Influencers.

I don’t know everything (yet 🙂 ) though (for example, I still don’t know how to search for local Influencers on Instagram).

But there is something I am sure of — its is that Micro-Influencers are very important for the US economy, and that’s one reason why we should pay them more respect and encourage these small businesses.

I think by now economists agree: small-businesses are essential to national GDP and growth. So much so that the government encourages small businesses with loans and other incentives (they even have special government and federal offices that supply resources and grants).

Micro-Influencers are the new small-businesses. They are the OXYGEN of the new Internet economy. They are not just teenagers as you would believe from the coverage of the phenomenon. They’re ‘mom and pop’ operations and many are people who make their living (or provide much needed supplemental income) by working days and nights, for hours, cultivating their Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/Snap accounts and they are very energetic entrepreneurs.

This new kind of entrepreneurship is open to anyone and not only is there nothing wrong with micro-influencers, but they are a source of inspiration, as small business owners.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Mishu's Dad

SMI* = Social Media Influencers

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I am the creator of Dear Mishu, a dog character that gives underdog advice to humans on social media. I originally built the account to learn about influencers and how they work. Over time, the account grew and Dear Mishu became a real social media influencer with a community of followers who ask her for advice. I use this experience and my 20 years of marketing experience to help brands understand how to reach their goals through Influencer Marketing and Social media branding.