What a Scandal - Third Party Influencer Tools are Still Worthless

Third Party Influencer Marketing Tools Still Have Room for Improvement (A lot of room)

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The best Influencer #tools are the original tools that come with the social network itself: Instagram app for Instagram, Twitter app for Twitter, Facebook app for Facebook. Frankly saying, most third-party tools are still too general and won’t address the specific brand and product that YOU are building.

So many reputable writers and blogs publish articles with titles such as “Top 8 Free Influencer Marketing Tools for Social Media,””15 FREE Micro-Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Influencers,” “4 Tools to Find and Manage Influencers,” and “9 Influencer Research Tools to Keep You Organized and Effective.” 

Well, as my grandma used to say: even if the entire world sees something and you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean that you are wrong…

As someone who is deeply involved in the Influencer business, I have tried them all – from the brand side, and from the Influencer side – and my conclusion is:

Influencer Tools as of today are still have room for improvement

It would be great if there was a tool (hopefully inexpensive) where one could input brand info/”parameters,” choose a type or category of Influencer (in a painless way, hopefully) and voilĂ  — the tool would match you with amazing Influencers who were a perfect fit for the brand.

That does not happen (yet).

The existing tools are not there (yet).


Influencer tracking is relatively easy for very general inquiries, or searching by “super-categories,” and if that’s what you want, then that’s all good. But you need a LARGE budget to hire Influencers at the top of those super-categories.

For example, FameBit, one of the biggest platforms for finding Influencers, only has a few filters such as age, gender, and a few super-categories. I’m out of luck if I want to hire an influencer whose focus is ‘pumpkins’ (see example) or ‘flowers’!

Famebit is only super categories?

Yes, I can fit all of my search needs into 5 categories — NOT!

Famebit has just 5 very general super-categories for filters. This is not useful

For example, try to find a food blogger* Influencer using Followerwonk:

“Food” – very general inquiry – followerwonk is cute but..

Followerwonk shows you a lot of interesting Influencers, but the results leave out Instagram Influencers, even though Instagram is the most important platform for  Influencers.

The same is true with the very famous BuzzSummo:

lifestyle buzsummo Most Shared Content
On BuzzSummo, the “most shared content” results for searching ‘lifestyle’ are above. These results are just really general and, as with Followerwonk don’t include results from Instagram and LinkedIn.

The search results are just incredibly general.

SocialBakers - an example for very general search Social Baker – an example of an Influencer search tool that relies on (9) “super categories” — which will not help you find #MicroInfluencers).

Social Bakers – an example of an Influencer search tool that relies on (9) “super categories” — which will not help you find #MicroInfluencers).

If you want to do a “long-tail” search — for example, finding an Influencer for “red summer shoes” & “Detroit” …  you’re out of luck!

Influencer Tools dont do long-tail search so well yet. Klear
I love Klear, and they are almost there, but….not yet.

Next – influencer.co:

influence.co - so many categories, so little focus
influence.co – more categories, but still cannot find niche Influencers (= Microinfluencers)

Btw – I “love” influencer.co’s “model” homepage – wow, I’m speechless:

Do NOT Make Money with Your Social Influence   Influencer co?

Some of these tools can only be used if you already know the Influencer’s social media handle…. how does that help you find a new Influencer to work with?

[bctt tweet=”Long tail search does not produce results on most of the Influencer #Tools… That’s a no go if you are looking to identify niche #Influencers for your brand.  Your best choice is still manual search.” username=”dearmishudad”]

The issue may not entirely be the fault of the Influencer tool developers. Perhaps they just don’t get enough data from the social media API.

Here is another example of why I think that influencer platforms will always be limited. It's simple: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter limit them like CRAZY!
Here is an example of why I think that influencer platforms will always be limited. It’s simple: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter limit them like CRAZY!

However, the result is that these tools are not all that useful for Influencers either. Dear Mishu gets this a lot…

scrunch: Once you have been invited to a campaign you will see your tasks here
Scrunch has shown this same status for several months: “Once you have been invited to a campaign you will see your tasks here”?
Revisited Nov 18, 2019 – same (zero) results
Influencer Campaign close, no takes no give
Bloglovin’s Activate is great but.. the Influencer Campaign is closed — but the brand didn’t hire anyone… strange! Could it be that the tool didn’t match them with any Influencers that seemed like a good fit…?
Again- No available matching campaign to promote, for Influencers
Influenz: “No available campaigns” comes up all the time on Influencer platforms these days. Maybe next year they’ll improve?
Revisited Nov 18, 2019 – same (zero) results

SocialNative has shown this same status for Dear Mishu for the last few months. Yet plenty of brands do hire her, but they have to know her to make the connection on their own. The tool won’t make the recommendation.

Socialnative does not have ..
Campaign is full before it even starts… What is happening with these Influencer platforms..??

Microfluence*** & Tomoson.com.com– no change since day 1:

No campaigns verbat https://www.microfluence.net/campaigns.html?
tomoson.com no offers from day 1
tomoson.com – no offers from day 1… that’s 3 years of testing….someone is asleep…

Same case with “shopandshout.com”: 0 paid campaigns were available

shopandshout: We couldn't find any paid campaigns.
shopandshout: We couldn’t find any paid campaigns.
When willnthe-mometer.co deliver the match?
Maybe soon the-mometer.co*** will deliver its first Influencer-Brand match?

Now you might say — maybe it’s you! Maybe DearMishu just isn’t what brands are looking for.

Except when you look more closely, the opportunities just “close” without awarding the contract to any Influencer. See this example from GrapeVine:

Grapevine - expired, what does it mean, or just another immature platform?
Influencer tools/platforms have so many API issues
Influencer tools/platforms have so many API issues

I suspect that the campaigns close before an Influencer is selected because these platforms just do not make the right matches that are attractive to the brand. In fact, I know that, because I’ve been on the other (brand) side too — and was never able to find a good match for any of my campaigns.

So – not useful for Influencers looking for sponsorship, and not useful for brands looking for Influencers.

And that is why I am concluding – as of now – that Influencer tools are still immature, and that the best method is to search manually using the native app of the social media platform. Find out how to search manually for Influencers here.

*** Bankrupted by now.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Mishu's Dad

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