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Private Coaching for Influencer Marketing

Choose this option for one-on-one coaching to gain insight and feedback about what you currently do or how to reach your goals.

Most popular! Get one-on-one attention to make progress toward your goals!

Influencer marketing can be confusing. You need someone to break it all down. You don’t want just anyone’s guidance, you want an expert opinion from someone who has seen it all, knows the data, and works in the field every day. You need a place where you can ask the “dumb questions” (for the record, there are none), and make sure you’re doing influencer marketing the right way!

N.G. teaches about influencer marketing at NCIDEA
Lecture on influencer marketing at NCIDEA

I‘m here to help. I will give you clear guidance such as: “in this x situation, I did y at 3pm, and 45 times out of a 100 z happened, so do z.” You don’t have to spend hours googling influencers and influencer marketing, only to get overwhelmed by the amount of information available and unsure of how to move forward!

Key benefits:

> Ask all YOUR questions, take notes, and get immediate feedback
> Learn super effective hands-on tips and ideas
> Generate a a roadmap for YOUR influencer marketing operation
> Improve YOUR current social media bios and activity
> Determine whether YOUR current Instagram/TikTok/Twitter/etc. community is the right community for YOUR goals
> Evaluate YOUR social media community-building skills
> Assess YOUR engagement and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
> Understand how YOU can make a living
> Discuss YOUR current marketing and outreach programs
> Review YOUR current and future branding

Here’s how it works: You book a minimum 1-hour video consultation with me (complete the form below) and we hop onto the call and cover what I outline below:

Cut through all the social media community building chatter, get specific answers to problems unique to YOUR brand, and create a strategy to grow your business!

Here’s what’s included:

1. Evaluation of your current social media strategy, followed by an evaluation of your Influencer Marketing strategy
2. A special review of your story-telling (as influencers are all about that)
3. A complete review of your current social media profile
4. Hashtag brainstorm and suggestions
5. Review of your post content and images, including tips for creating images that capture the audiences attention
6. Tons of new engagement trigger ideas
7. Tips for optimizing your website for social traffic
8. Ideas to generate more revenue from your social media content and/or products
9. At least 3 action items for you to implement immediately, or if you have a team, get them to do it

Our record of success:
>>Built a social media character on Instagram, from 0 to 28,000 engaged followers in 12 months
>>Tested over 1,500 social media engagement triggers
>>505,000 monthly Instagram impressions
>>12 annual conference presentations, invited lectures, and media appearances
>>37 recent articles commissioned in leading industry publications
>>Consultant to bloggers, marketers, influencers, and eCommerce sellers (both digital & physical)
>>Worked with over 30 influencers and 50 brands

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  • As a speaker - MGS19
  • Teaching influencer marketing at NCIDEA, Durham, NC
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  • N.G. teaches about influencer marketing at NCIDEA
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  • N.G. teaches about influencer marketing at NCIDEA

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