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I’m a blogger, which platform should I choose, to grow my social media influence?

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Many ask me which social media platform to choose and which to focus on in order to be treated as someone who is influential on social media.

My answer is as follows:

Choose a *Social Media* Platform!

The first definition of a social media influencer is someone who owns a social media account, so… own one!

It can be Twitter,
It can be Linkedin,
It can be Instagram (the winning platform for influencers so far)
NOT Pinterest, as Pinterest has declared that they are not a social media platform anymore (no engagements), but a personal search tool.
Here is the full list of platforms.

YES Social Media
Quora, Flipboard, Linkedin, Reddit, YouTube, eVite, Twitch, Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, Slack, Snap, Whatsapp, TikTok,, LINE, Instagram – those are YES Social Media platforms.

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Choose the social media platform where your potential audience is engaged often

For example, if your target audience are boys who play and video their soccer games every Tuesday afternoon, then most chances you’ll need to be on YouTube and maybe Tik Tok.

Of course, you don’t want to target an audience from a totally different walk of life. You want to focus on those who care about what you write, those who want to be a part of your community. Therefore, decide where your audience is.

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How can you find that out?

Social Media Persona

It’s a headache – I know… but you’ve got to do that… and go beyond what they teach you in an MBA program such as geo/location, gender and color of eyes. More important is to find the emotional elements, such as: what are their worries, what are their desires, what problem are you helping them solve that will make them jump in the air with happiness (and, on the other hand, who is absolutely NOT going to enjoy your stories)?

Ask around…

Ask around, and be direct: “hey, are you spending more time on Twitter or LinkedIn?”

For example, last month I visited a very cute pet brands show in New Jersey. The brand owners there are potential customers of my dog (Dear Mishu), so I made sure to chat with them and ask them in person where they spend their time most (their answer was very clear: Instagram).

Only the platform that you are absolutely CRAZY about

Influencers crazy about...

However — choose only the platform that you are absolutely CRAZY about and comfortable with! Otherwise – if you don’t like the platform, it will show … Influencers spend a minimum of three hours a day engaging and publishing on social media, and if you don’t have passion for the platform you will be mentally and physically exhausted.

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How does one move from being a blogger to a #SocialMediaInfluencer?
A bonus: How does one move from being a blogger to a #SocialMediaInfluencer?

More tips for Influencers.

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Sincerely yours,

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