What do people mean when they say: “good engagement” ...? By DearMishuDad

What do people mean when they say: “good engagement” …?

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Engagement – in simple English – is meaningful connection with another human being.

In social media engagement is another word for metrics that track how actively involved your audience is with your content. It is mainly evaluated by the “likes”, re-tweets, and high quality dialog in the “comments” area .

Now back to the SMI (social media influencers)… Serious SMI have great engagement on their accounts…and they engage a lot. Why?

Because SMI are community leaders. They build a community around a topic they are crazy about.

"Our engagement should be..... #InfluencerTips"
Our engagement should be….. #InfluencerTips

As such, they are supposed to create conversations in their communities.

If they don’t, there might be a problem there, and the endorsement for your brand may not have the results you expect.

What kind of a engagement, you ask? Strong, relevant, solid, meaningful engagements on their posts.

And who has this type of engagement? We’ve found out that it is the Micro-Influencers who have the highest engagement rates vs other types of SMI. Read here more about them.

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