ORANGE Influencers with a community of orange lovers. There's something for everyone!

ORANGE Influencers with a community of orange lovers. There’s something for everyone!

Imagine this: an Influencer who has built a super enthusiastic community around the… color orange. #InfluencerMarketing #Wordofmouth”

Influencers are great content creators.  But besides that, they are really good at creating communities.  They are community builders.

The interesting aspect of that is the creation of millions and millions of NICHE communities on social media. And what a great fit those communities are for inventors of niche products, concepts, ideas or services!

Imagine this: an Influencer who has built a super enthusiastic community around the… color orange:

Influencers of orange communities

This is someone who all their life has loved the color orange. They wear orange (it’s a very sporty color) t-shirts, carry orange pads, some have adopted orange cats or fish, painted their rooms orange, bought orange jackets and even cars, like this one:

Orange Car

They love anything to do with orange! And they had no one to share that love with.

Then along comes social media, then comes Instagram, then comes someone, an orange lover too, who starts to post orange photos, and express their love of….orange! And this guy who posts orange photos actually responds when his fellow orange-lovers comment on his posts. And they build REALY GOOD relationships. I mean, if someone asks  questions, he will – oh yes he will – answer with a unique (amazing) point of view and will leave no doubt that she is here to stay, and to create a … community. And that community slowly but surely develops to over 50 people (in fact by now has 11,540 members), who just love orange.

Now that community continues to grow because its leader is constantly innovating and sharing beautiful, intriguing, seductive posts (words and photos, as well as videos) about …the color orange. They SHARE their (wonderful, very orangy) ideas frequently.  And their followers LOVE it, because – again – they are also in love with anything to do with orange.  They spend not just a few seconds scrolling past the posts, but spend minutes, many times a week, with that community.

That leader is a what we call an Influencer.

Now let’s say you are a tennis racket manufacturer.  You own a tennis brand and you are looking to increase your market, your users, your players.  Let’s say that the day comes that you release  a new tennis racket and – yes – it happens to be orange…  it can definitely happen, here:

orange racket by orange micro-influencers communities

Now, your natural instincts as a marketers will be – in addition to working with traditional tennis gear distributors/dealers/affiliates – to look for people who talk about tennis and rackets on social media, and contract them to influence:

But what about the Orange Influencer? He is waiting for you, you orange tennis racket manufacturer!  Many of her followers will buy your orange racket just because it’s orange (they might not even play tennis much!)

And that’s the power of finding & hiring niche community leaders, i.e. niche Influencers, i.e. the much talked about Micro-Influencers.

Here – if you don’t believe me – more orange Influencers:

Orange hair influencer
Orange hair influencer!
Orange men’s tshirts influencer!
Top orange nails Influencer.
Orange BOX Influencer…
And last – Maria is (for now) top Influencer for orange cakes. 

So do it. Find YOUR “orange Influencer” and reach new audiences.

Good luck my brand heroes!

PS/Check out all these great Microinfluencers — they’re just waiting for you to hire them!

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DearMishu hair grooming endorsement

Disclaimer: That’s my Dear Mishu, she is an Advice Columnist.

Your Turn: Learn How with 1:1 Coaching
Your Turn: Learn How with 1:1 Coaching

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