Nobody likes to click Submit #EngagementTips

Nobody likes to click Submit #EngagementTips

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Let’s talk a bit about successfully getting people to click on the Submit button you your Register form.

A few days ago, I visited a media publication website. In the past, that website’s homepage did not engage me to ACT (click, join something, etc.) — I just moved on to the next thing in my day. Not this time, though! I’ve found out that what got me interested was the RIGHT way they called on me to register for their event.

“Submit” does nothing

Before I’ll reveal what their secret was, let’s talk briefly about how NOT to grab someone’s attention to register:

In simple English, it’s about failing to engage the right emotions!

Every decision is emotional. Our decisions release endorphins in our brains. Be creative, and think why your customers feel what they feel…

Here are some examples of how we fail at doing so when asking people to submit a form —

⛔️ using the wrong language around the “submit” button, such as ‘buy’ ‘submit’ ‘purchase’ or ‘buy now.’ These have a sense of finality to them which can discourage users.
⛔️ too much space or too little space around the “submit” button
⛔️ applying colors that don’t speak to people
⛔️ too small or too big button size
⛔️ too small or too big a clickable area
⛔️ “Download Now” “Shop Now” “Apply Now” … or other non-descriptive text that has a sense of finality to them which can discourage engagement

Avoid this type of vague, non-descriptive call-to-action!
Avoid this type of vague, non-descriptive call-to-action!

Now back to my website visit: I think what happened was that instead of vague words, the brand used a brief but meaningful text link that explains what the link or button does.

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Instead of the boring “REGISTER”, they used “register your interest” instead. Adding colors that appealed to me (soft, not threatening, no alarm bell everywhere like others) helped too, and – yes – I did have an interest in the topic:

engagement idea: register your idea
Engagement idea: register your interest

And here is another pretty awesome example (the colors do not appeal to me, but I’m not a marathon runner):

Very descriptive and quite tempting “register your interest” don’t you think?

This one – however – did it just ok:

Form engagement: Register your interest

It’s not as appealing in the way it is displayed:

Form engagement - not so awesome: Register your interest
Pretty horrible – empty spaces, confusing wording, tons of different CTAs…

Few more tips:

💁🏽 “DOWNLOAD” – download WHAT? Get your membership—>Find your gym & get a membership; BUY NOW–> Add Funny shoes to the cart
💁🏽 It’s almost always a good idea to get rid of the “Click” or “Learn more” part of the wording
💁🏽 Error and confirmation messages are important! Good eg: “Nice, you are registered to xx blog now!” and “Oops…this isn’t going to work”
💁🏽 Run different tests, and analyze results. Optimize accordingly.

Time to start optimizing!

Have YOU seen an extraordinary button CTA? If so, message me….

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