Micro-influencers -- they don't require micro-management

Micro-influencers — they don’t require micro-management

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Those small-size influencers! They sure know how to create emotionally engaged communities around their niches!

How do they manage to create original content with great attention to detail in their posts? You might not 100% understand it (otherwise we would all know how to influence)… but you don’t want to ruin it when you hire a micro-influencer to work for you.

So here’s my tip: don’t micro-manage them. You don’t want the content they create for you to look like another bloody ad (what’s the point of that?)!

don't micro-manage them. You don't want the content they create for you to look like another bloody ad (what's the point of that?)!
Micro-managing – an example
Content received from influencers -Reuse, Remarket, Repurpose
Brands can reuse the content received from hired influencers not only on their social media and websites, but also on storefronts, catalogs, posters, conferences, and TV ads. It can be of great value!

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