Micro-Influencers = The NEW Guerrilla Marketing!

Micro-Influencers = The NEW Guerrilla Marketing!

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Working with Micro-Influencers has become another form of guerrilla marketing for small businesses that don’t have the marketing budgets of larger companies. It gives them a CHEAP shortcut to finding and connecting with their target customers.

That’s right, Micro-Influencers are the NEW Guerilla Marketers!

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy concept, invented by Dr. Jay Conrad Levinson, when he wrote the book Guerrilla Marketing in 1984. Here is the cover:

Guerilla Marketing (1984), by Jay Conrad Levinson

It’s all about finding creative ways to market your products effectively and at a low cost. It’s about doing more with less.

Leveraging the power of Micro-Influencers is the same thing. They are trusted, they speak DIRECTLY to your niche audience, their followers spends MINUTES, not seconds, listening to what they say, a couple of times a day (much better than ads, in so many ways).  Micro-Influencers are a naturally born “light” to bring word-of-mouth to what you do!  And not less important – they are very, very cost-effective, which is great.

To tap into this resource, make sure you have a clear influencer marketing strategy so you find the best fit, most relevant Microinfluencer for your brand. Not every Influencer can influence the exact audience and influencer marketing community you are targeting.

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