I love Lindsey Gamble’s Tweet on e-Commerce Influencer Marketing Trends…

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What can I say, I love this Tweet from Lindsey Gamble so much. It’s so interesting, and his experience is impressive. I’ve decided to unroll all his tweets here, for you to get impressed by him and these #InfluencerMarketing trends:

1/ Thread: Current social media + influencer marketing trends

1. Short-Form Video Is Now & The Future 📺

Based on the mainstream success that TikTok has been having with brands, creators & everyday users as well as the disruption it’s caused, short-form video is taking off.

Established platforms like Instagram have rolled out their own short-form video features while apps not named TikTok like Triller have emerged as viable competitors.

With the future of TikTok in the U.S. uncertain, people are flocking to alternatives for their video needs.

Regardless of which platform prevails, short-form video will play a significant role in influencer marketing + the overall social experience.

With an increasingly crowded + competitive space, platforms will invest in building tools that further lower the barrier to entry.

2. TikTok Creators Are Finding Opportunities Off-Platform💰

TikTok creators are leveraging their popularity and significant followings to create and find new monetization opportunities off-platform.

Notable examples:

– Addison Rae signing an exclusive deal with Spotify for a weekly podcast + launching her own beauty line called Item Beauty

– The D’Amelio sisters’ new makeup line with Morphe

– Various TikTok creators teaming up with Airbnb

Creators finding opportunities outside their respective social media platforms isn’t anything new.

YouTubers have been doing it for years.

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However, TikTok native creators are doing it faster — likely due to the ability to become a star overnight on the platform.

As the influencer landscape grows, we’ll see more creators leverage their popularity and shift the attention of their audience elsewhere:

– Long-form platforms YT + podcasts

– Exclusive brand and streaming deals

– Merchandise/product lines

Overall, TikTok stars will play a significant role in the growth and acceleration of influencer-to-consumer brands and products.

3. Platforms Are Looking To Leverage Influencers & Video Content To Drive E-Commerce 💳

Over the last couple of months, there has been an increase in platforms that are looking to drive e-commerce through influencers and videos.

Notable examples:

– Amazon expanded its Amazon Influencer Program to live streaming to allow influencers to earn commissions on products they feature.

– Google launched a new app in Shoploop that lets people discover products/reviews by videos by influencers

Separately, influencers and video content have been valuable in driving e-commerce.

But, now we’re seeing more platforms and the brands that use those platforms leverage the power of both and bring them together to have a bigger impact on their e-commerce businesses.

Whether it’s established platforms adding a shoppable video or new shopping apps surfacing, influencers and video content will be the centerpiece for driving e-commerce sales.

The end.

Originally tweeted by Lindsey Gamble (@LindseyGamble_) on September 12, 2020.

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