Instagram is most popular with Influencers because:

Instagram is most popular with Influencers because…

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Instagram is most popular with Influencers because:

1) It was built with #community in mind
2)It’s the best platform for #lifestyle and #culture
3) The #hashtag system is perfect for Influencers
4) The ability to #tag someone within comments increases virality
5) Content creation is less expensive than YouTube videos

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I am the creator of Dear Mishu, a dog character that gives underdog advice to humans on social media. I originally built the account to learn about influencers and how they work. Over time, the account grew and Dear Mishu became a real social media influencer with a community of followers who ask her for advice. I use this experience and my 20 years of marketing experience to help brands understand how to reach their goals through Influencer Marketing and Social media branding.