Branding hack: If you’re a florist in Durban... ?

Instagram Hack for Brands: If You’re a Florist in Durban…

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They say that a social media manager of a brand should always be listening. It’s not an easy job to listen on social media – you need various tools, and… time. When you do it, I’m sure you can’t help cracking a smile, imagining that you’re like the CIA or the Mossad, ready to put on your Sherlock Holmes cap…).

Very often, when your brand is mentioned online, is not for what you were hoping for. Instead, you’ll find people cursing your brand, someone who is looking for tech support, someone who wants to sell you something, and who knows what else.

But sometimes – one in a blue moon – you can collect a prize for all your listening, the gold medal for your tiring work – like in this example: a very popular female SMI (social media influencer) is looking for a florist in Durban. Just imagine that you had a shop in Durban that could send those flowers to Mihlali – what would you do?

You would probably answer politely:

Yes, we can do that flower arrangement in Durban. I would love to help! #ReadyToHelpWithFlowers

Or you would answer with “would you like A or B”:

Yes, we can do these arrangements. We can do Big Bright Blue Skies or Rose & Lily Celebration, or fully customized — and today. Just tell us what you need, #WeLoveDurban #LocalBusiness

Or you could answer with an attitude – if that’s who you are:

Yo @Mihlali, we do, at your service, girl!

If chosen, you got attention, awareness and future customers from a community builder/SMI of 500k followers — how awesome is that?!

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So, keep listening to the Durban whisperers.


Sincerely yours,

Dear Mishu's Dad

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