Influencers, Use Those iOS Shortcuts Instead of Apps!

Influencers, Use Those iOS Shortcuts Instead of Apps!

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I use iOS Shortcuts for various DearMishu influencer related tasks. I’m talking about those very useful pieces of code (also called Siri Shortcuts) that execute tasks without launching any apps, such as Meme creation and image editing. These are so awesome for influencers’ daily tasks. If you use iPhone or iPad, I want you to start using some awesome iOS Shortcuts too!

With iOS 12 or later, Siri Shortcuts let you quickly do everyday tasks, and with the apps you use the most — all with just a tap or by asking Siri.

Source: Apple
To learn how to install and use Shortcuts, read at Apple’s Shortcuts User Guide

Below are my latest recommended shortcuts for influencers:

1. Meme Generator iOS Shortcut

There are dozens of different Meme generators and here is the one I use – you can launch that Shortcut right from iOS Shortcuts menu. There can’t be simpler piece of code than that – look at the screenshots:

Meme shortcut for iOS
Meme Shortcut for iOS

How to use:

  1. Install first
  2. Click Meme shortcut from the shortcuts menu
  3. Choose the picture you want to attach the Meme text on top to
  4. Enter the text for the Meme that you want to create
  5. Voila, a new Meme is ready!

2. Photo collage iOS Shortcut

And by the way I used another iOS Shortcut to create the above picture, it’s a shortcut that helps combine pictures to one picture (photo collage). Here’s how the Combine Shortcut works:

Combine iOS shortcut
Combine iOS shortcut helps to combine few pix into one.

There are dozens of available shortcuts that will create photo collage shortcuts for you, such as this one.

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3. Other Shortcuts that might be useful for influencers:

3.a. Image Editing

Image Editing


3.b. Video Utilities

Vid Editing


3.c. GIF

GIF Editing


3.d. More

4. iOS Shortcuts Directories

And there are plenty more… I compiled a list of iOS Shortcut directories below. Use these to find thousands more shortcuts!

  2. Reddit/r/shortcuts
  3. RoutineHub
  4. Sharecuts
  5. And iOS Gallery, which is a directory within an App, made by Apple, that is already inside your iPhone/iPad.

Have fun! LMK if there are other very useful shortcuts for influencers that you use!


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