Are Influencers Good for B2B too, or Only B2C?

Are Influencers Good for B2B too, or Only B2C?

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They are good for EVERYTHING, even for Government agencies (G2C).

Social Media Influencers (also called “SMI”):

Social Media Influencer (SMI) is:
(1) Someone who owns a social media account (min. 50 followers), such as on Tiktok, IG, YouTube, etc.

And – very important too –

(2) Uses it for great – no, amazing – relationship building AND/OR content sharing with their followers.

With these two qualities, there is no community, content or influence they cannot do, no matter what the sector is.

I strongly recommend using a contract for any sponsorship to protect yourself and your business, such as my Brand-Influencer Contract


Suggested Influencer KPIs - DearMishuDad  Source (updated often):
Suggested Influencer KPIs – DearMishuDad Source (updated often):

Brand-Influencer Contract Template, by Dear Mishu's Dad
Recommended: Brand-Influencer Contract Template, written by me.

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SMI* = Social Media Influencers

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