What is Influencer marketing?, DearMishuDad answers

“What is #InfluencerMarketing?” – DearMishuDad answers.

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Marketing has many sub-divisions and focuses. Marketing that focuses on finding & maintaining #Influencers is Influencer marketing. This has become popular because it is considered to be very effective for the cost. Influencers fall under the umbrella category of “word-of-mouth marketing”, which is considered to have the best influence on people’s opinion.

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I am the creator of Dear Mishu, a dog character that gives underdog advice to humans on social media. I originally built the account to learn about influencers and how they work. Over time, the account grew and Dear Mishu became a real social media influencer with a community of followers who ask her for advice. I use this experience and my 20 years of marketing experience to help brands understand how to reach their goals through Influencer Marketing and Social media branding.

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  1. I like the idea of categorizing influencer marketing as word of mouth… that captures the ‘trusted’ nature of the relationship

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