I heard that social media influence all starts with “showing your care” - is that true? No, it's not.

I heard that social media influence all starts with “showing your care” – is that true?

No, it’s not. Many influence without caring at all, but just by having an attitude!

“Show you care” is the new “be authentic” — general observations about what all social media influencers do, that are definitely not true for everyone.

I know these ideas it make sense … but having done influencer marketing for a while I’ve learned that there is no ONE thing that makes you an influencer, and every community likes something different.

  • You might be funny and not give a sh** about people, and that’s ok for your community (comedians are like that, right?).
  • You can be loved.
  • You can be HATED (many politicians are and so are – some will say – “spoiled” singers).
  • You can be boring, really boring.
  • You can be funky and super interesting.

All work…. depending on the community THEY built (because Influencers are community leaders)!

Make sure that the Influencer you choose is really focused on building a community. Community is the name of the game in Influencer Marketing

Brand Managers: find a community that is very, very related to what you do, follow their leader (that will be the Influencer), and judge if the Influencer is able to bring new conversations to the community. If yes, that’s your candidate. Interview and close a deal with them!

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