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How to optimize your “Branded Social Media Profile” area

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This series of articles is an introduction to some of the techniques and experiments that have been proven to make this underutilized real estate work for you. 

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By Dear Mishu’s Dad, Guest Writer


We have all been there before many times – our Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn account doesn’t bring the results we want, and not enough engagement on our posts. “How come?!,” we ask ourselves again and again. Sometimes, some of us – we give up. For those of you who don’t want to give up quite yet, consider this under-used, free approach: optimizing your branded social media profile (BSMP) area. In other words, your bio area!


Your Clean BSMP Area

Revisit your BSMP. Delete its current content and start all over again. Give yourself a clean slate. To make something special that is going to draw users in, we have to cover the following:

I. Is that YOUR Instagram Story?

Storytelling is great to create interest in what you do….

  • Are you telling your story? Is it really you?
  • How are you differentiating yourself from the “140 million users accessing the photo sharing and editing app as of October 2020.” (source: Statista)
  • Are you differentiating your story from others in your field/vertical?
  • Are you telling your story to people with a vested interest in what you have to say, or is your story so universal that it can appeal to almost anyone?
  • Is the hero of your BSMP your community, or is it just “me, me, me”?
  • Is your story a conversation starter?

II. Are You Under Utilizing the BSMP Real Estate?

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Are you using the whole BSMP real estate or are you letting part of it be wasted? Here are some parts not to forget:

  • Add a URL to lead users back to your own digital properties.
  • Does your BSMP URL reveal your story (e.g., so it makes people who care CLICK on it (and hence make sure you get the right traffic)?
  • ​ Does your main image tell your story?

III. The Rest Is Up to You

All the rest is up to you – your photo filter, lights, hair style, quotes, emojis, special characters, facial expression, attitude, etc. Differentiate yourself. Be creative. Dare. Because if you just do what your neighbor from the same area-code did, people won’t see the authentic you.

IV. Test It

Test it and see. Tell your story and not someone else’s. Test, test, test! For example, it is natural to just grab a photo or logo that you’ve used elsewhere in the past and use it for your profile. Or, maybe you are known for sticking your tongue out and want to show that in your profile because you feel like it will make a point. Feel free to try both options, or anything else you can think of – the results could be great or…. disastrous. As with any successful person on social media, it’s really OK to make a mistake, it’s OK to leave it open-ended and see what works best and go from there. Testing through mistakes is the only way to find out what’s the optimum bio. Enjoy the process!

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Dear Mishu’s Dad uses his platform to analyze the influencer marketing space for brands, agencies, bloggers and SMI (social media influencers). He has 20 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience. He resides in North Carolina. 


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