How to Ask for Payment as an Influencer

How to Ask for Payment as an Influencer

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(Don’t be shy, you’ve got to make a living, and we should understand that)

Ask in a professional, yet polite way. First, show your social “arsenals” (your accounts, follower counts, engagement data).

Next, introduce your audience, including screenshots of your audience breakdown and a brief narrative description of the interests of the people you reach.

Finally, share at least three examples of how you have worked with related ideas. If you have done other paid projects, share those. If you haven’t, share posts where you have tagged or mentioned a brand.

Then send them your price list, with options at different levels, so that each partner can choose what is best for them. For example, a combination of posts and stories, single posts, packages of multiple posts, etc.

And here is an example that’s worked for us in the past:

Here is our pricing, Jean.  Let's do it!

$480 for 1 x post*
$750 for 2 posts*
$999 3 x posts*
$2950 all year, once a month!*

*On ALL DearMishu serious platforms:,, and her blog too (

Our PayPal email is [email protected] 

**We recommend at least 2 if not 3 posts a year all marketing, Influencer Marketing is not a switch you flip on or off when it suits. If an influencer has nothing to say about your brand 364 days a year and then suddenly starts singing your praises… I don’t know…  I mean, would you trust that? It’s best to find ways to work with an influencer year-round to support your branding and have them post frequently on your behalf.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and looking forward to influencing for you. We can start the content creation right away (try to pay first..). The brands we work with (that means you!) retain the usage rights to the authentic photos and creative we make for them for future use.

At your service, with love,

Finally, please note that…:

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It is recommended not to list your prices right away #InfluencerTips
In addition, we recommend that you don’t list your prices right away, Wait until you have shown your worth! #InfluencerTips

Other Pro tips:

  • Be sensitive, not all companies will be able to meet your desired budget. I recommend that you give a special discount to those that do not have a high budget like a small or family-owned businesses, or those that pay for several posts.
  • Most don’t have a lot of knowledge about what influencers are (and some – you’ll find out – will think that you are spoiled and entitled). And that’s ok, as the influencer industry is very new. In this case, show your success stories, with numbers, and if that doesn’t convince just stay in touch, be a friend!
  • Most brands are immature in their thinking about how to hire an influencer. So they want to do “outreach” and to “wow” you, and in return to get you work for them for free. Don’t do that – you work hard to build your accounts and engagement — so let them know!
  • If someone says NO now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t say YES at a later stage. Groom relationships.
  • Remember – 1 out of dozens says YES to sales. If you get the NO, that means you will get the YES soon. If someone says nothing, that’s no good…
  • Please please please work with only those brands that you LOVE (otherwise, it will show, and you will also a bring bad name to the influencers of the world)
  • Do some pro-bono posts sometimes, especially for those that you think you can perform well, or non-profits.

Good luck my heroes!


More tips for Influencers.

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Sincerely yours,

Dear Mishu's Dad

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