How can I get organic growth of my Instagram followers?

How can I get organic growth of my Instagram followers?

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Ok the best answer should be given by the Instagram coder herself, but let’s still share our experience here.

I found out that best way is by focusing on ENGAGEMENT (warning: it’s a few hours a day work).  The idea is to test method of engagement with your (current and future) community members/followers. I shared some of my engagement test findings here: Social Media Engagement – > Ideas that Convert!

Btw, unfollow brings growth…

Algorithm-Proof Your Social Media Accounts
If you’re tired of your social media success being negatively affected by changing algorithms, try these 17 tips to algorithm-proof your social media accounts by increasing engagement. Source:


  • Here are some things I’ve seen influencers do to pay their bills. Source:
  • RapidSongs makes audio and video edits on TikTok for a living
  • Make Money as an Influencer: TipJars
  • MR Beast is launching a resturant chain via ghost kitchens, AND his App is #1 on AppStore...
  • Influencer selling her book via instagram bio - an example
  • Dan Frommer - $20/mo paid newsletter membership for marketing execs, investors, and tech news junkies
  • Dixie (left) and Charli D'Amelio are two of TikTok's biggest stars—with nearly a collective 130 million followers—and have now launched a podcast, "2 Chix." (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for EIF & XQ) Getty Images for EIF & XQ
  • Idea to make a living as a social media influencer: get sponsors that are related to what you do.
  • Influencers can make money from follower donations
  • Jiffpom - a dog influencer - find me at Walmart
  • Twitch already has a tipping and subscribing feature
  • Huda Beauty is by Huda Kattan, an influencer
  • Your Turn: Learn How with 1:1 Coaching

And no matter what, don’t forget to sign Influencer-Brand Agreement


If It Can’t Be Transactional, Then What Am I Getting from Influencer Marketing at All?

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