Oh oh They Hit the 7,500 Limit Once Again?

Oh oh They Hit the 7,500 Limit Once Again?

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Oh-oh, all Micro+ SMI have been there – the Instagram 7,500 followers quantity limitation…grrrrr….:

Instagram 7,500 following limit, does it make sense?
With Instagram’s 7,500 following limit, Zeppelin & Lydia cannot follow more dogs. Bummer!

I guess the platform’s reason for setting this rule was that:

(1) it’s impossible to with engage so many accounts
(2) there is no way someone should have more than 7,500 friends

My take: such arguments do not make sense.

We can’t handle more than 20 friends actually… so why 7,500 and not 9,000 or 6,200, it’s not clear…

If we cannot handle more than 7,500 friends, then:

  1. The platform should have provided an easy way to remove followers, such as inactive ones (right now it’s close to impossible to find out who’s following you back, not to mention when they posted last, if their content is relevant to you, etc)
  2. The platform does not limit the quantity of those who follow you…

In other words, Instagram can’t have its cake the cake and eat it too. If their aim is to encourage community-building, then maybe top that cake with party creation features, with limited numbers for each party or, even much better, give us freedom, with no limitations at all.

Your thoughts?


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