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I Hired an Influencer. Now What?

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Today I want to discuss how to prepare your brand SMI campaign (I hate the word “influencer” — so I call them SMI*, as a part of your influencer marketing strategy.

So… you’ve found the SMI of your dreams (hopefully after a lot of screening), and you even signed a Brand-SMI Contract that clarifies all the details. NOW WHAT?

Now prep for that amazing campaign (you know, the one you hired the SMI for)!

Some brands just hire SMI check it off their to-do list. If that’s you, then do this:

Check it off your list — your journey is done…

If you are the second kind of brand manager, and you want good results, do this:

1. Focus on the story. I’ve found that SMI are best for bringing interest to brand stories rather than products. So, with that in mind, do you have a story?? Stand for something! See more about brand stories here.

Should I coin a new business term? #StoryTelling
Related: Should I coin a new business term? #StoryTelling Source:

2. Build your social media persona. I know, it’s a headache for any company founder and marketer. When you do so, go beyond identifying “regular things” such as age, location, and gender. Find the more emotional triggers – who are the people behind the screens – how do they feel, what are their worries, what are their goals, what problems can you solve (if any) for them. And – of course – which social platforms do they love, and how do they use social media. [example]

*A note: if they are on a certain social media platform that you personally dislike, it will show if you try to use it. Don’t represent your company on that platform, or ask someone else from your team to do it.

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3. Prep your own social media presence. Pay extra attention to your Bio on Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/Facebook. Make it interesting and relatable. Don’t sell anything (yet). Insert your top (niche) hashtags and your story in the bio.

Influencers Bio - good examples
Great social media bio

4. Prepare your website. Be strategic: think colors, look, feel, and how NOT to do aggressive sales immediately. Anyone that is in business for some time will correctly tell you that your homepage should NOT look like a product catalog. Try not to load products there to sell right away… but focus on gaining trust and interest (or I should say maintaining the interest generated by the SMI through their posts), by telling your story, and by triggering emotions (see #2). Also – pay attentions to details:

Influencer marketing has better ROI than traditional marketing such as pre-roll, TV ads, etc. when used strategically
That’s right, influencer marketing has better ROI than traditional marketing such as pre-roll, TV ads, etc. when used strategically

5. Commenting. The SMI is about to post a message about you. Once you know exactly what date and time the content will be posted (the best is to add that to the contract appendix), allocate someone from your team to comment and engage on that post(s). Many brands forget that, yet it’s so important. SMI are great storytellers. They will bring what you do, your story, to their community, and open a discussion on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, and what not. You want to be there for those discussions — you want to show you care!

Commenting as KPI
Influencers reported that engaging through the comments area on Instagram brings a lot of quality engagement. Brands – therefore – need to prep to be there once the Influencers post the message about them.

6) Last – budget. Yes, like every marketing activity, we need to allocate some budget. In the case of SMI, the budget depends on the type of SMI you choose: mega, macro or micro-SMI. Micro-SMI have become the most popular choice because they have great engagement and are…inexpensive. For those prep about $500.

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No matter what, it’s good to prepare, so the margin of error will be low and you can optimize the upcoming SMI promo and bring awesome positive ROI. Do that, and you can scale your work with SMI and create a long-term strategy!

Good luck heroes!


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SMI* = Social Media Influencers