Does the Website on my Insta Bio Need to Be Mine?

Does the Website on my Insta Bio Need to Be Mine?

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No, the website you list on your bio doesn’t need to be yours! You can enter your Amazon affiliate (or store) page, your (eg, your YouTube/Tiktok URL, GoodRead, or even your IMDB page (eg

Bio - IMDB instead of a "website"
Bio – IMDB instead of a “website”

And btw do you know that you can also enter a website address (such as a website of an org you support, such as RedCross), in two places on your Instagram bio, see the example below:

bio - 2 websites
Few places to enter your website on the bio

Good luck, hero!


If I Don’t Have a Website, Can I Still Be an Influencer?
If I Don’t Have a Website, Can I Still Be an Influencer?
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