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What is a good influencer marketing #scorecard? What determines influence? Is it a calculated #score, fan numbers or something else?

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What determines influence? Is it a calculated #score, fan numbers or something else? Since evaluating Influencer Marketing is not so straightforward, I’ve developed this practical scoreboard for your metrics:

DearMishuDad Suggested Measurements:

  1. ORIGINAL, NOT INTRUSIVE, UNIQUE-POINT-OF-VIEW CONTENT – One of the most amazing deliveries you get from influencers you hired is their content. Influencer content could be wonderful.  Why?  Read here: How Good is the Content I Can Expect to Get From Influencers?
  2. TAGGING* – Tagging is the most overlooked metric to measure influencer performance.
    * Tagging includes: (1) the influencer tagging the brand, and (2) users tagging their friends
  3. COMMENTS – How many high relevance comments are there inside the influencer endorsement comment area.
  4. RE-SHARES – You can quantify the number of re-shares/retweets of the endorsement.
  5. SENDING TO FRIENDS – Instagram – for example – has a capability to send the post direct to their friends via DM and email.
  7. BOOKMARKS – On twitter and Instagram – for example – one can bookmark anything.
  8. INFLUENCER FOLLOWERS that were mobilized to become your followers.
  9. BRAND MENTIONED / DEFENDED – If you do the post-campaign moves strategically, when things are good, the followers you received from the influencers will be recommending your services/brand.
    When things are bad, they will be willing to give you benefits of the doubt. And yet the biggest prize is when those followers will go out of their way and DEFEND you on their online forums or Facebook groups, that will be very rewarding.
  13. CLICKS
  14. REACH – The total followers minus fake…
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And last, not to forget the delayed effect, which means give the influence 30-90 days to take effect.

Suggested Influencer KPIs - DearMishuDad  Source (updated often):
Suggested Influencer KPIs – DearMishuDad Source (updated often):


If It Can’t Be Transactional, Then What Am I Getting from Influencer Marketing at All?

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