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Dear Mishu Micro-Influencer Services

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‘Dear Mishu’ is a social media account that I created. Mishu is a character — based on my dog — who provides inspiration and advice through Instagram posts. That includes: advice to humans about dogs, advice to dogs about humans, and advice to humans about friendship, dating, career, living in the moment and being true to yourself.

As an “advice” focused account, Dear Mishu is perfectly situated to recommend a wide variety of brands and products, including:
products for dogs
lifestyle brands
– fitness and outdoors
Dear Mishu has ~80k followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and regularly receives hundreds of likes and comments on posts. Please contact us if you would like to discuss sponsorship or to review our media kit.

Our Approach

  • As a marketer with 20 years of experience, I am a professional who understands the needs of brands.
    We commit to:
  • Develop the strategy and content together with you and you have final approval on all posts.
  • Consistently use your hashtags and keywords. We are also happy to recommend you a hashtag/keyword strategy.
  • Closely coordinate post timing with you and actively engage on posts.
  • Recognize that you maintain the right to reuse any content we create for you on your website, social accounts, and other properties.
  • Offer more comprehensive social media consulting services for brands, encompassing everything from optimizing social media profiles to working with and managing influencers.

Dear Mishu Audience

32,000 followers, 31,000 followers on, 1,100 followers on, new (1,000 followers) on TikTok), rebooted her YouTube Underdog channel recently: and she has a blog too:

Follower Profile:

Top countries: USA (>70%), UK, Canada, Australia

Gender: 76% women, 23% men, 68% married, most (86.2%) with no kids yet.

Age: Gen-Z (23%); Millennial (50%), Gen X (18%)

Religion: 82% Christian, 14% Jewish, 4% Muslim

Areas of interest: dogs, pets, cats, travel, apps, mindfulness, wellness, relationships, career, games


Fun fact:

Dear Mishu is the #5 Most Popular Advice Columnist on Twitter!

Not Just for Dog Products 

Because Dear Mishu is widely read as a source of advice for humans, the account comfortably promotes non-pet related brands and products.


Varies. We try to be flexible on pricing so that we can accommodate truly excellent products. However, we do ask that clients recognize that it takes 4-7 hours on average to create and follow up on each post.

**We also recommend that brands purchase a general sponsorship or a package of at least 2 if not 3 posts a year. Like all marketing, Influencer Marketing is not a switch you flip on or off when it suits. Accordingly, sponsorship gains credibility when there is an ongoing campaign.

To secure your order and our current pricing, contact me ASAP:

Looking forward to hearing from you, and looking forward to influencing for you!

At your service,

N.G. Gordon (, for

👓DearMishu 🐕, Advice Columnist


Dear Mishu only represents brands she loves and reserves the right of refusal.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Mishu's Dad

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