@chelsmartin001/video/6748444699767459077 is a fantatsic example how GenZ influencers facilitating TikTok to sell.

Chelsea (GenZ) made it for Adika on TikTok.

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Some say that influencers don’t do anything for brands. Here is an example where that proves them wrong: Chelsea – a GenZ influencer – made it for Adika on TikTok (and she had just 900k followers at the time, so she was not even a celeb but a Macro-Influencer)!

The Tiktok influencer objective:

Selling Adika’s new sweatpants collection.

Chelsea (GenZ) made it for Adika on TikTok.


In October 2019, Chelsea Martin posted a video on Tik Tok and within ten hours Adika had sold 300 pairs of its sweatpants to U.S. customers. By the next day, the company had another 300 orders and the video had 2.7 million views.

This post was Adika’s first ever promotion of the pants.

Source: https://www.glossy.co/fashion/how-gen-z-brand-adika-is-using-tiktok-influencers-to-drive-sales

Amazing, right?

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