Best Design and Publishing tools for Influencers

When it comes to my private coaching sessions, the most popular question is: “which tools do you recommend for SMI (social media influencers)”?

My answer so far has been:

  1. Generic apps from the platforms themselves (e.g. YouTube app to create/post Shorts), because they are fully optimized for each platform.
  2. Adobe Spark or Canva for post creation and editing.
  3. iOS “shortcuts” for meme building, screenshot merging, and other various fast SMI design/publishing actions (this one is so much fun that I am writing a whole blog post about it and update it often).
  4. Tweetdeck or Crowdfire for scheduling your posts.
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Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Influencers

Social Media influencers work hard – very hard. They need any edge they can get, and they need tools that can save them time, and can help them with faster, smarter and yet super sophisticated, customized deliveries. Here are a list of the 11 best Google Chrome extensions that I use for my Mishu.Underdog :

1. Socialpeeks Influencer Analyzer, offered by:

I use this tool many times a day to see where I am!

The No. 1 KPI for SMI* is engagement rate, which is usually calculated as the quantity of your followers, divided by the quantity of Likes and Comments per post.

As a SMI you want to keep the engagement rate UP up up so the social platform algorithm will make sure you show up in their users’ feeds. Socialpeeks is tool that I choose to display my account engagement rate, in real-time. All you need is to login once to their server, and from then on, clicking on their icon on the Chrome toolbar will display this:

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Feedback Influencers for and Amazon Vendors

Hire niche SMI* with the sole objective of getting feedback for samples received from the factory before placing a minimum quantity order with your manufacturer, and definitely before sending a new product to the Amazon (or Walmart) warehouse.

I have been there. I was an Amazon Vendor and really enjoyed it. What a journey it is! It’s exciting to build a small empire, your own legacy, with your own brand and various products and creations that you have envisioned.

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Brands, your media war against fake influencers may not work if you don’t do these 5 things.

From time to time brands launch media PR campaigns to complain that the influencers they hired “were fake.” For example, the following was promoted and mentioned on Google 255,000 times (that’s a quarter million!).

Unilever- urgent action against influencer fraud
“At Unilever, we believe influencers are an important way to reach consumers and grow our brands. Their power comes from a deep, authentic and direct connection with people, but certain practices like buying followers can easily undermine these relationships,” said Keith Weed

And Casper – the mattress company – stated in their S-1 filing, under “risk factors” that one of Casper’s disclosed risks is “the network of social media influencers it uses to advertise.”

For me, this is equivalent to them saying something like: “I’m making a decision to choose bad partners, and my partners – therefore – are a risk to my company.”


So, here is the question that needs to be asked (and let the debate began):

Brands, why are you partnering with bad partners in first place?

The influencers you hired are unethical – they did dishonest things (e.g. buying votes, sorry … followers)

You partnered with unethical.

Are you asking yourself why you hired unethical people/partners in the first place? Perhaps you should take a hard look at your hiring/contracting process and make the changes so it will not happen again.

Here are 5 things to look into and fix that can help you do it right next time:

  1. Review your vetting process. Find out what you did wrong in the past and how you can avoid repeating it. I’m happy to advise you on vetting influencers.
  2. Your name, your brand is EVERYTHING. And yet you entrusted it to unethical people. Consider putting a policy in place and a better process for external people who handle your brand messages.
  3. Review your company social media account on Insta/LinkedIn/Twitter/etc and your BSMP. Do each of your company posts have at least 10 comments? If not, it’s a sign that your story is boring and people probably spend less than 3 seconds on your posts. It’s time to rethink your strategy and, if you can’t come up with a more creative one consider hiring someone new who can or taking a break from social. Don’t maintain social media accounts for the sake of having them if they don’t do anything for your brand.
  4. And a word about “fake”… influencers are community leaders and so they mirror their communities and they mirror you, since you selected them. So, consider this:
    a. Are you leading by example on that topic? It is known that most brands have fake followers, including bots, and that they are possibly purchased. Is your brand on top of that? Do you regularly remove your fake followers, comments, and likes? Before you attack influencers, you should look at your own followers before you ask influencers to do the same. Because if you don’t do it, your community sees that and influencers see your behavior as an example!
    b. Are you using (or about to use) virtual CGI-generated influencers? Those are very cool and most of them are very successful in achieving results. But…they are “fake”… have you thought about that?
    In other words, be the leader in fighting fake, not by fighting influencers but taking care of your own accounts first.
  5. Review the rest of your practices: Is it easy for people to remove themselves from your mailing list and email list? When you we visit your site do you invade our privacy by tracking our web activities? Are you transparent enough? Are you really caring? Do you celebrate your customers? Do you treat people as a means to an end? When people contact you on website, do you answer with an automated template or as a human? Lead by example.

Because, if you don’t answer those questions, if you don’t fix the problems, after your PR campaign against “the bad influencers” winds down, your company will still need to break through, and it won’t be able to.

Miquela, Noonoouri and Shudu - CGI influencers - all three are very loved by their IG communities.
Miquela, Noonoouri and Shudu – CGI influencers – all three are very loved by their IG communities.

Takeaway: Instead of hiring media to announce that “you hired bad influencers and you will fight against that” >>

  1. Lead by example
  2. Rebuild your vetting process for partnerships.
  3. Rebuild your social media messaging.

Your thoughts? Let the debate begin!


Which Influencers NOT to Hire, no Matter What (and The Power of ♥)
Which Influencers NOT to Hire, no Matter What (and The Power of ♥)


I like to keep it real, which some people consider contrarian… well, so be it: check out my articles that have been tagged “contrarian”

“Engage Your Engagers” – Influencer’s First Commandment?

Indeed, and this is not only the First Commandment for any social media-ist. Every time engagers are going out of their way from their daily activities and bothering to engage with you on your social media account, engage back. Such attention is so appreciated in today’s world and is really the essence of building lasting relationships on social media.

We all have at least one engager on social media, and those people are so important. But wait…

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Why does everyone want to be an influencer?

Everyone wants to be an influencer because they confuse influencers with the beautiful celebs who sail on beautiful yachts… It’s not the same thing though. Most SMI* are unknown to the public and yet they influence. The job requires so many working hours a day of content creation, photography, editing, re-editing, publishing, marketing and – yes – engaging all day long…

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Is it a good idea for brands to say their product is cool?

Don’t use some version of “I have a cool product” on your BSMP unless the community you’ve built is about brands that say “cool” about their products…

*BSMP = branded social media profile, a term that was coined by… me.

Branding Your #SocialMedia Profile (BSMP) Series:

Your BSMP Bio Photo
Your BSMP Extended Name
Your BSMP One Sentence Wordings
Your BSMP Hashtags
Your BSMP Update Line
Your BSMP Emojis
Elina Svitolina BSMP
Your BSMP Social Media Influencer
How to optimize your “Branded Social Media Profile” area
kick-ss CTAs for your branded social media profile
Doing your profile the wrong way
Powerpointed (Mobile Growth Virtual Summit 3.0 – “How to  Transform Your Social Media Branded Profile to a Sales Funnel Machine,  by Dear Mishu’s Dad”)! 

Coming soon:
  Your BSMP Location

Private, personalized 1-on-1 consulting on YOUR social media profile strategy is available now.

Are Influencers and Brands Pirates?

Many good marketers were and are pirates. Brands and social media influencers are no different. They “pirate” by introducing various ideas to relevant their audience and see what bites.

As you must know by now, I’m a big favor of testing until perfecting, and testing the story-telling of your brand in particular. Some go to the extreme of pirating, and that’s (sometimes) ok too:

The Amazon Pirating Way

How about Amazon as an example of a pirate? Are they successful enough by now to use as an authoritative example 🙂 ?

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Call-To-Action: Tell Your Audience Why

Besides providing a clear and simple action for your audience to take, it’s also important to tell them why they might want to do it.

Here are some examples:

“Alright guys, that’s a wrap! Like and comment below if you want to discuss more!”

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Brands: DM is the new ‘phone number’ for social media!

Brands: So we know by now that not having a presence on social media is like you… do not exist, since that’s where your audience is. Your social media account is your business card, your face, your talking point, your front-line, your border, your mom and pop, your puppy too.

Once you choose the right social media platform for the audience you want to reach, and you activate it, it’s…YOU. Make sure that from then on it reflects … YOU indeed.

Your communication with your audience should now be via social media. And so – for example – if someone sends you a DM instead of calling your phone, it means that they want a response via DM (= direct messages) and they most definitely do not want to call you. So make sure you address that.

Brand, create Instagram account only if you can handle it.
Brands: create an Instagram account only if you can handle it – use direct messaging as your new phone.

Or alternatively:

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