Case study: Nola – New Orleans Concert Micro-Influencer

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Nola is another good example of a Micro-Influencer. Why?

According to the definition of an Influencer:
1. She owns a social media account asset (Instagram, mainly)
2. She has great relationships with her followers (see her engagement)

Why is she a Microinfluencer? She has a relatively small number of followers.

But those followers are pretty engaged. Look at the below example – over 5% engagement rate, which is amazing:

How does Nola do it??

She knows that its much easier to influence when you build your community around a NICHE topic. In Nola’s case it is “New Orleans” & “Concert.” PLUS, she knows how to create interesting, awesome content, and that’s a goldmine in and of itself.

Nola, you are awesome…

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