Brands: Don't forget to breathe (and have fun) during an influencer campaign

Brands: Don’t forget to breathe (and have fun) during an influencer campaign

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Many brands are worried about their present if not future, so they spend a lot of their time finding, negotiating, and then closing a contract with SMI*.

Closing the contract is NOT the end of story though!

Influencer - Being proactive
Responding/engaging with on the influencers’ post is essential!

Besides preparing your website, social and other assets for the “awareness traffic” to come, you’ve got to BE THERE, live and breath and dance during your SMI campaign. What I mean is…

So you have included on the contract that the campaign will take place on Tuesday the 12th at noon.

Position a co-ordinator and an engager to be duty

On watch

BE THERE: Someone from your team – a co-ordinator as well as someone who can engage beautifully on social media must leave everything and be there, on the SMI post’s comments area, fully devoted to respond to comments from that SMI’s community members.

The idea is to show commitment behind who the SMI said you are, preferably in a memorable way. So… respond, engage, inspire, impress, to make friends for life (=long-term relationship building with potential customers), inspire if possible (not a must, nothing is a must), and show your power as a brand representative. Go all the way, take all the time in the world to do so, all the memes, and emoji ammo you’ve got — it’s your getting-giving attention time! Fast and personal engagement will spike the platform algorithm and get the post more exposure too.

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[bctt tweet=”If brands engage with comments on SMI’s #campaign post, it will spark the social algorithm and bring good attention. “]

More: Social media influence is mainly about emotional engagement and so…:

Show your respect to their leaders…

show respect to their influencer

The comments area is the SMI’/community leaders’ home. Visitors to their homes are there to show respect to their SMI, as you are talking about people who come there every day because they WANT to. No one paid them, they are just crazy about their SMI. Therefore, treat the SMI there with respect – thank him/her/it (if a dog), show that you are honored, and although you are a brand, talk like a person, because – as we all know by now – people believe people (more about that below).

[bctt tweet=”The comments area is the SMI’s/community leader’s home. Show respect, say thank you. #Community” prompt=”If you found this useful, share this”]

Stand behind your story

The SMI will tell your story (hopefully in a beautiful, original way) to their community. Their followers will respond, via emojis, via questions, and yes – via cynicism sometimes too. Be there to answer their questions/feedback about your story. Learn in advance how to do that well. Usually brands that are not too cocky (“I am great, my product is great” is…ridiculous), that are respectful and polite win hearts. This is your time to get that the right kind of attention!

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Talk like a human, not PR

Although you are a brand, a company, still, it’s all about people here on social and so – talk like a person. It is even recommended to end your comment with the given name of the person who wrote the comment, for e.g. “Yes, we love you two, you are cool – Emily” (although Emily is a brand employee she uses her name to respond).

Talk like human, not PR - Buffer
Buffer is a good example for a brand that send representatives to talk like human, not PR company
Nikola (of Udonis) too….

[bctt tweet=”Brands should comment with a person’s name on social, as it’s all about people. #MarketingCampaigns” prompt=”If you found this useful, share this”]

Jen of SMExaminer knows how to talk like a human, and that's so awesome!
Jen of SMExaminer knows how to talk like a human, and that’s so awesome!

Laughing is excellent.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Don’t worry about making the SMI community laugh… but do it if possible. It’s a good emotion, and so healthy.

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Love love love…

talk to your heart - influencer relationship

Give them the 🥰, 🤗 and ❤️…
just #TalkToYourHeart



I’ve found out that being a bit mysterious a bit can be helpful. Make a good impression and let the SMI and their tribes know that you have a lot to share but will let them know more at later stage…is GOOD.

Element of surprise


If you suddenly surprise them the SMI, that will amplify the campaign x 10 or even 100th times more. I’m not saying that you have to be Opera W and gives them all a new car but… find what works. Ask experienced entrepreneurs for ideas – it’s okay to invest some for the purpose of gaining future business.

Come again to say thanks

Bookmark the campaign so you can visit a few days later, to thank everyone for the time they took to discuss… You.

The power of saying “thank you” – GoDaddy is doing it, and you can do it too…

Reuse everyyywhere

If you haven’t read my previous posts then here it is again – most SMI are creators. They can create amazing insane original content for you.

example of influencer original content
Example of an influencer unique content that brings a lot of dialog

Reuse it everywhere: brochures, catalogs, websites, conferences (the right to reuse content should be agreed on in the contract). Doing so will amplify the effects.

Content received from influencers -Reuse, Remarket, Repurpose
Content received from influencers -Reuse, Remarket, Repurpose

That’s about it. So remember, when you arrange a date and time with the SMI to post a campaign about you, put it on your schedule to be there to eat the cake together…!

Good luck heroes!


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Suggested Influencer KPIs – DearMishuDad Source (updated often):


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