Should brands contract only SMI who posted about their products in the past?

Should brands contract only Influencers who posted about their products in the past?

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No, that’s a shortsighted approach and out of touch with the way influencers work.

After all:

  1. Many products and brands are totally new and no one has used them yet (and that’s the whole point of hiring SMI (Social Media Influencer), to gain awareness.
  2. If SMI used “Adidas shoes” so far (and enjoyed them tremendously), it doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy “Bronx shoes”!
  3. SMI who are professional may not post about any brands they aren’t hired by (it’s a matter of not working without compensation)

I know I may sound like I’m contradicting myself here, but come on… if you are a brand and you see an SMI who is very suitable for you, someone with your kind of audience, with followers who CARE, then introduce any new product to her and consider hiring her. Even if she’s promoted a competitive product, if she just hasn’t tried yours it’s worth introducing it and trying to convince her. Because if she IS convinced, she can share why she switched to your product, and that’s a good thing!!


I like to keep it real, which some people consider contrarian… well, so be it: check out my articles that have been tagged “contrarian”

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