Universal #Influencers do not exist. You need to find those who can help you access a niche (Try the “Chase The Hashtags” method)

Beware of “insert your brand here”

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Here is an example of what might have worked last year but won’t fly THIS year (at least not with those who read my posts):

DONT!! $5 for shout out ??? DM me for shout out.


This are a lot of people representing themselves as Influencers who are totally unprofessional. They might use certain websites to offer influencer services for a low fee to any brand and any product, at any time. It’s like an open air flea market.
Beware, and don’t make the mistake of trying to hire Influencers who have that “insert your brand here” attitude — i.e. those who are willing to work for any brand, anytime, anywhere.
There is no point in hiring an Influencer who has a universal “all-products-are-ok” approach. If they couldn’t care less about your brand, it will be apparent to everyone.
This is true even if that “Influencer” is represented by an agency. If you let them act on your behalf, you risk being represented by people who don’t have the skills to do that, and they can ruin your reputation.
What do you want instead? A SERIOUS Influencer who has followers who are a good fit for your product or brand. And you want to know that their heart is in it — that they’re not willing to work for just anyone



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Dear Mishu's Dad

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