Best Influencer Marketing Blogs to Read (and why)

Best Influencer Marketing Blogs to Read in 2021 (and why)

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It’s really hard to find good blogs. Not that we have the time to read them anyway. But still, social media influencer marketing is sooooo new, so raw, that everything is being re-created and evolving daily, and we DO need to follow that.

I have collected a list of my favorite blogs on Influencer Marketing, for your reading pleasure. It’s an original list. But first, a few words about originality, to set expectations:

Ok here you go, the best Influencer Marketing Blogs around:

To the bloggers among us: It's ok to steal ideas (as someone great once said: Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal) but.. steal like an artist - for f**ks sake: learn from others, learn from history, get inspired from others' work, feel free to adapt...but.... but! When you steal, don't just copy an artist stroke for stroke... Come on, do/add something original.

Sincerely yours,

Dear Mishu's Dad

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