Best Design and Publishing tools for Influencers

Best Design and Publishing tools for Influencers

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When it comes to my private coaching sessions, the most popular question is: “which tools do you recommend for SMI (social media influencers)”?

My answer so far has been:

  1. Generic apps from the platforms themselves (e.g. YouTube app to create/post Shorts), because they are fully optimized for each platform.
  2. Adobe Spark or Canva for post creation and editing.
  3. iOS “shortcuts” for meme building, screenshot merging, and other various fast SMI design/publishing actions (this one is so much fun that I am writing a whole blog post about it and update it often).
  4. Tweetdeck or Crowdfire for scheduling your posts.

These top contenders for SMI post creation editing tools both got almost 5 stars in the app stores, which speaks for itself:

Adobe Spark and Canva as an influencer post tool: close to stars on appstore!
Adobe Spark and Canva as influencer post tools: close to stars on appstore!

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is my No.1 go-to tool for image and video creation. It was not like that at the beginning – a lot was missing, there were plenty of bugs. Not today! The tool is so powerful that you don’t need to be a professional designer to use it. It comes with plenty of templates, and … AI-generated tools and optimizers to convert your creation into whatever you want it to become. See the slideshow below that demonstrates some of the favorite features for SMI.

  • Adobe Spark: logo on iOS app
  • Adobe Spark: great editing tool for influencers
  • Adobe Spark: add stickers to your social media influencer posts
  • Adobe Spark: the auto style mode is amazing for influencer posts
  • Adobe Spark: influencer can add almost unlimited icons
  • Adobe Spark: as a social media influencer, you can add images, vid, , texts, what's not
  • Adobe Spark: that's how the homepage looks like

Highly recommended.

Available for all OS and browsers.

Price: Free for the awesome basic version

2. Canva

Everyone likes (and talks about their love for) Canva… besides me… Still, I can see why it’s so loved by SMI and I did check it again recently and found a lot of useful functions for SMI, such as the following:

  • Canva: splash screen on mobile
  • Canva: my influencers project area
  • Canva for influencers: choose social platform...
  • Canva for influencers: add as unique fonts as you'd like...
  • Canva for influencers: adding new objects is easy
  • Canva for influencers: you can add cool clear design elements
  • Canva for influencers: is really good in making collage
  • Canva: superb collage creation tool
  • Canva for influencers: adding diagram is pretty basic

Available for all OS and browsers.

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Price: Free for awesome basic

3. Instagram Layout

Example of a generic app created by the platform is Instagram Layout, by Instagram (yes, that company from SF, owned by Facebook). The mobile app provides a simple yet good enough tool for SMI to create a layout of 2-6 pictures that fits perfectly into Instagram post sizes. It can’t be more optimized than that for your Instagram feed postings. It’s a simple yet time saving tool for combining a few visuals into 1 for Insta.

Instagram layout
Instagram layout by Instagram – choose the pictures, choose layout, and – viola – done.

Available for Android and iOS

Price: Free

4) Tweetdeck by Twitter

Tweetdeck – offered by Twitter itself – is a suite for Twitter publishing, great for SMIs and social media managers that tweet.

Tweetdeck as a tool for Influencers
Tweetdeck is a Twitter publishing and scheduling tool for Influencers

What do I like about Tweetdeck:

  • I can “clear” all the column entries after reading them, it makes the screen so much cleaner.
  • I can add as many twitter accounts as I want and manage them from the same screen or column
  • I can create a column of specific accounts I want to give special attention to.
  • I can track all those that RT my tweets (and thank them, or amplify)
  • I can create a column for mentions for all my accounts.
  • I can create one (or more) columns of all hashtags, DMs, keywords, RTs, locations, etc. (anything that is possible with Twitter’s software architecture.) I want to follow (and engage them, all day long, as SMI should), and all of that eliminates the noise and lets me focus in a big way.
  • I can place all the twitter chatscontent in one column AND filter the tweets there per keywords (for e.g. “flower” will show all tweets from the accounts or chats I follow that mentions flowers).
  • The unlimited amount of scheduling is awesome!
  • Free!!
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  • Available for Windows and Mac desktops only. No iOS/Android versions.
  • Not optimized for Chromebooks computers, with the result that it hangs and freezes.
  • Twitter only (most influencers need a similar tool for their other platforms too, such as Tiktok, YouTube, Insta, Facebook, etc. ).

Available for web-browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Price: Free

5) Crowdfire

Crowdfire scheduling and publishing suite
Crowdfire scheduling and publishing suite

I use Crowdfire for publishing content on social media channels. Crowdfire works with all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram (yes!), etc.

What I like with Crowdfire:

  • Works with all social media platforms
  • I can (almost) fully customize each post before scheduling it – the number of words, the wording, media attached, etc.
  • I can republish any post, anytime.
  • I can republish from (mine and other’s) RSSs
  • I can group accounts (for example all my AM to-do accounts) and workspace them.
  • New hashtag tool that remembers previously entered hashtags (read about the importance of Hashtags for SMI here) .
  • Cheap…

Cons – it doesn’t reach its potential:

  • I can’t shake the feeling that the suite is a pile of patches, built one on another — i.e. their developers need to redesign the suite asap.
  • quantity limitations for pictures and videos doesn’t maximize the platform capabilities
  • alerts on failed publishing are relatively poor

Available for most browsers, iOS and Android.

Price: 0-$75 – the more accounts, the higher the price (yet they often have special pricing for the holidays).



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