CP - Alternative Names for the (hated) Word "Influencer"

(updated often) 38 (!!) Alternative Names for the (hated) Word “Influencer”

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So many hate the word “Influencer” (I’m among them). This matters, because marketers face resistance to hiring Influencers because of this dislike. Here are some other names you can use when describing Influencers… Enjoy!

  1. Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s)​
  2. Testimonial Advertisers
  3. Lifestylers
  4. Curators
  5. Creators
  6. Creative Author
  7. Visual Storyteller
  8. Word-of-Mouth Distributors​
  9. Paid Word-of-Mouth
  10. Living Megaphone
  11. Inspirers
  12. Shop Window Designer
  13. People Channels
  14. Online Cheerleaders
  15. Influential Experts​
  16. Influential Content Creators​
  17. Community Liaisons
  18. Brand Development Partners​
  19. Emerging Channels
  20. Advocates​
  21. Endorsers
  22. Ambassadors
  23. Publishers
  24. Content Creators
  25. Content Designer
  26. Content Curator
  27. Content Inventor
  28. Content Strategists
  29. Content Developer
  30. Social Media Impacters
  31. Etc.:
36 Hats (!!) that Influencers Wear
36 Hats (!!) that Influencers Wear

Let me know if you have another name suggestion?


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38 Alternative Names for that (hated) Word “Influencer”
38 Alternative Names for that (hated) Word “Influencer”

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