What Are All the Hats that Influencers Wear?

What Are All the Hats that Influencers Wear?

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SMI (Social media influencer) wear many “hats.” Let’s have fun and compile a list of all the hats they wear. LMK if I forgot anything?

  1. Listener 🎩
  2. Communications specialist 🎩
  3. Visionary 🎩
  4. Digital strategist 🎩
  5. Digital consultant 🎩
  6. Screen writer 🎩
  7. Model 🎩
  8. Actor 🎩
  9. Dancer 🎩*
  10. Singer 🎩*
  11. Gaffer 🎩
  12. Set designer 🎩
  13. Makeup artist 🎩
  14. Sound designer 🎩
  15. Graphic designer 🎩
  16. Illustrator 🎩*
  17. Photographer 🎩
  18. Videographer 🎩
  19. Film director 🎩
  20. Film producer 🎩
  21. Editor 🎩
  22. Social media manager 🎩
  23. Community manager 🎩
  24. Coach 🎩
  25. Tech support 🎩
  26. Publisher 🎩
  27. Distributor 🎩
  28. Legal team 🎩
  29. Data analyst 🎩
  30. Union representative 🎩
  31. Marketer 🎩
  32. Salesman 🎩
  33. PR agent 🎩
  34. Influencer.


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So many hats!! So – yes, serious SMI are hard workers, often working through the nights, and must be very creative in terms of vision, strategies, design. They’re an all-in-one publishing house, marketing shop (the Achilles heal of most SMI), crisis management, and dozens more jobs. They love it though, as they get satisfaction from building a community, recognition from peers, AND some of them make money from it too.

36 Hats (!!) that Influencers Wear
36 Hats (!!) that Influencers Wear
SMI can be very creative with the resources they have. They are an all-in-one, inexpensive production studio, and that's one more reason why they're useful for brands during the COVID-19 pandemic.
SMI can be very creative with the resources they have. They are an all-in-one, inexpensive production studio, and that’s one more reason why they’re useful for brands during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards.

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What Influencers Bring to the Table: dialogue, attention, community building, category leading, positive bias, high level story-telling, etc.
What young Influencers Bring to the Table…

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SMI* = Social Media Influencers

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